PGC Newsletter 31.01.2024


Weekend Pennant – Pam Bisset and Colleen Daysh will play Feilding in Round 1 at Marton on Sunday.

Then on Monday 12th February, Round 1 of Monday Pennants, our team of Lisa Cotton, Pam BIsset, Colleen Daysh, Steph Tisdall, Lynne Huddleston and Seona Ashton play Rangatira Blue at Rangatira.


Please note that the areas that were previously designated as GUR over the fence are now red penalty areas (formally known as hazards). Please refer to Rule 17 in your Rule Book.

Options – you can play from the area without penalty, and it’s OK to ground your club and move any loose impediments etc, but be careful not to move your ball – that’s a penalty if you do and you replace the ball. There is no free relief for any reason inside a penalty area.

Or – on penalty of one stroke, you can (1) play stroke and distance (hit from where you hit your previous shot), or (2) take 2 club lengths relief from point of entry no nearer the hole, or (3) only when it’s possible, you can take back-on-the line relief - this is when you drop a ball back on a line between point of entry and the pin, in this instance you can drop back as far as you like on that line.

NOTE: On #13, #12 and #17, the penalty area fence itself is classed as an internal fence and if your ball is on the course side of that fence and the fence interferes with your stance or intended area of swing, you can take free relief. See Rule 16.1b for how to take relief. If any part of the ball lies in the penalty area, it is deemed to be in the penalty area (Rule 2.2c).


Thursday 21st December  - Stableford

1st Phil Bollard 38 points

2nd Dale Percy 34 points

3rd Ivan Fraser 34 points by lot from Nigel Pearson



Thursday 28th December - Stableford

1st Sam Gordon 40 points

2nd Peter Johns 39 points

3rd Phil Bollard 39 points

4th David Mitchell 38 points

5th Stu Huddleston 37 points


Saturday 23rd December – Rd3 Qualifying, Byrne Cup and Vet’s Trophy  - Medal


1st Peter Bourke 68 nett

2nd Lisa Cotton 72 nett


1st Brett MacDougall 66 nett

2nd Brett Richards 70 nett

3rd Sam Gordon 71 nett

4th Andrew Snell 72 nett

Closest to Pin

#9 – Lisa

#12 – Natasha Kelly

Twos – Lisa (9), Brett (4, 14) well done, Brett

Sunday 24th December – Rd 3 Qualifying, Byrne Cup and Vet’s Trophy  - Medal


1st Lionel Toheriri 68 nett

2nd Jeremy Watson 71 nett c/b

3rd Steph Tisdall 71 nett

4th Jason Miff Smith 71 nett

5th Bronwyn Smith 71 nett

Twos – Steph (9), Lionel (12), Bronwyn (9), Miff (4, 9, 14) outstanding!


Sunday 7th January – Men’s Summer Shootout

The Shootout was won by Jason Smith from Jared Brock.

9 players in the field.


Saturday 30th December – Stableford

1st Lisa Cotton 38 points

2nd David (Bubba) Mitchell 35 points

3rd Ivan Fraser 32 points

Closest to Pin

#9 – Bubba

#12 – Lionel Toheriri

Twos – Bubba (18)


Thursday 4th January - Stableford

1st Phil Bollard 40 points

2nd Bryan Doherty 38 points

3rd Ivan Fraser 36 points

4th Alec Devonshire 36 points, from KP Bourke (Hard luck)

Thursday 11th January - Stableford

1st Bryan Doherty 41 points

2nd Lionel Toheriri 40 points

3rd Alec Devonshire 39 points

Saturday 6th January – Stableford

1st Jared Bambry 39 points

2nd Brett MacDougall  37 points

3rd David (Bubba) Mitchell 36 points

4th Lionel Toheriri 33 points c/b

5th Lisa Cotton 33 points

Closest to Pin

#9 – Brett

#12 – Bubba

Twos – There were no twos

Sunday 7th January – Stableford

1st Jared Brock 40 points

2nd Lionel Toheriri 38 points

3rd Jason Miff Smith 38 points

Closest to Pin

#9 - Miff

#12 – Lee Thomson

Twos – Miff (12)


I THINK THIS WAS 20th January – Qualifying, Byrne Cup and Vet’s Rd 4