PGC Newsletter 17.05.2023

NEW MEMBERS – Please make these new members welcome when you see them around the course


I’m guessing some of you have missed my newsletter since I haven’t had a chance to do one for the past month or so – April just flew by! Anyway I’m going to bring you right up to date with results.

WEEKEND PENNANT – The last 3 outings for our Weekend Pennant team of Colleen Daysh and Bronwyn Smith were very successful. In round 5, at Rangitikei, the team played Rangitikei Gold and scored a 3-0 clean sweep. Then in round 6 here at home and after a week’s delay due to the rain causing a course closure, the team again scored a clean sweep 3-0 this time against the Rangitikei Blue team. The final round (7) was at Palmerston North last Sunday when the team scored a come-from-behind 2½ - ½ win over Castlecliff to finish the season in 2nd place 1½ points behind Feilding.

MONDAY PENNANT - Monday 3rd April, in round 4, the Monday pennant team (Lisa Cotton, Pam Bisset, Deb Henricksen, Lynne Huddleston, Seona Ashton and Deirdre Power) beat Palmerston North1 5½ to 2½. This result was reversed on 17th April in round 5 when our team (Lisa, Pam, Lynne, Pam Huddleston, Steph Tisdall and Margaret Alding) lost 2½ to 5½ to Marton at Feilding.

On 1st May the semi-finals were played at Manawatu where our team of Lisa, Deb, Lynne, Steph, Deirdre and Margaret blitzed their Castlecliff opposition 7½ to ½.

The finals were played at Marton on 15th May and our team (Lisa, Pam, Lynne, Paula McCool, Seona and Margaret) beat Feilding1 5 – 3 to finish the season in 5th place. Another interclub season put to bed.

MARQUIS SHIELD - Marquis Shield delegates generously agreed to move their round of 30th April from Pahiatua to Masterton to accommodate Manawatu-Wanganui’s C, D and ladies Weekend Pennants after the course was closed the previous weekend.

Unfortunately, our team did not get their reward, losing 13½ to 4½ to Martinborough. Our team was Danny Pierey and Steve McHardy, Kieran Pierey and Lee Thomson (Senior), Nigel Pearson and Jason Smith, Peter Timmins and Logan McHardy (Intermediate), Fred Potini and Lionel Toheriri, Mark Thomson and Grant Squires (Junior). Round 4 is being played here at home this Sunday 21st May against Carterton, tee off from 11am. The team is – Senior - Danny Pierey and Nigel Pearson, Kieran Pierey and Steve McHardy, Intermediate – Jason and Jamie Smith, Shaun Smith and Peter Timmins, Junior – Fred Potini and Lionel Toheriri, Tony Kerins and Mark Thomson. Good luck guys.

While the team is languishing down the table this year, they have a chance in the Intermediate Trophy where they are currently holding 2nd place.


Saturday 1st April – Medal (Byrne Cup, Vet’s Trophy, Qualifying Rd 4)

73 nett, Noel Coombe, Robert Fryer and Lee Thomson

74 nett Jason Smith, Graham Thomson, Fred Potini, Alec Devonshire and Joe Cuttance

No full results or other details L

Sunday 2nd April – Medal (Byrne Cup, Vet’s Trophy, Qualifying Rd 4)

1st Brett MacDougall 70 nett

2nd Peter Timmins 73 nett

3rd Jeff Kay 74 nett by lot from Grant Squires

Sunday 2nd April – Donald & Williams Salvers Rd 1

1st Stu & Pan Huddleston 69 nett

2nd Lionel Toheriri & Steph Tisdall 72 nett

3rd Natasha & Jason Kelly 73 nett


Tuesday 4th April  – NANCY MCCORMACK FOURSOMES – 18 holes

1st Pam Bisset & Marion Hunt 65 nett

2nd Colleen Daysh & Bronwyn Smith 71 nett

Twos – Colleen & Bronwyn

Winners of Nancy McCormack and Isa Braggins Trophy for 2023: Pam & Marion 36 holes total of 137 nett 


Thursday 6th April  – Stableford (Hibberd Trophy)

1st Dale Percy 34 points

2nd Peter Drysdale 34 points

3rd Bryan Doherty 32 points

4th Alec Devonshire 31 points


Saturday 8th April – Medal (Qualifying Rd 5)


1st Fred Potini 69 nett

2nd Jason Smith 71 nett

3rd Richard Stewart 72 nett

4th Mark Hemopo 73 nett


1st Jason Kelly 63 nett WOW! Well done!

2nd Jeremy Blatchford 69 nett

3rd Alec Devonshire 70 nett

4th Joe Cuttance 71 nett

Closest to Pin

#9 – Peter Johns, #12 – Colin Wallace


Fred (9), Shaun Smith (4), Willie Wilson (12), Richard (4)

Tuesday 11th April  – Trethella Rd 1 (Par)

1st Bronwyn Smith 1 up

2nd Deb Henricksen square

3rd Steph Tisdall 2 down

4th Pam Huddleston 3 down c/b

5th Dawn Smith 3 down

Drawn Twos

Margaret Drysdale, Margaret Brislane and Raewyn Newman

Accuracy - CTP #9 – Dawn Smith







Saturday 15th April – Bush Aquatics Trust Ambrose


1st Beales 54.13 nett

2nd Brockies Team 55.875 nett

3rd Slice of Heaven 60 nett


1st Jac’s Team and Bungle 36.5 nett

2nd Treders & Orr 42 nett,

3rd Waterman’s 46 nett


Ladies’ #9 – Jill Shirkey

Senior Men #18 – Danny Pierey

Junior Men #12 – Sam Boyden


 Ladies – Celina Turner

Senior Men – Clint Bennett 

Junior Men – Brett MacDougall

Sunday 16th April – Medal (Qualifying Rd 6)

1st Peter Johns nett 67

2nd Ivan Fraser 68 nett

3rd Noel Coombe 71 nett


Jeff Kay and Kieran Pierey both on #14

Sunday 16th April – TC Day (Stableford, visit from SWWMC Golf Adjunct)

1st Peter Johns 42 points

2nd Ivan Fraser 40 points

3rd Peter Drysdale 39 points

4th Stu Huddleston 36 points

5th Richard Stewart 35 points

6th KP Bourke 33 points

Tuesday 18th April  – LGU Gold Medal and Stableford Button, 1st round MBM and Qualifying

1st Mary Bollard 68 nett

2nd Steph Tisdall 69 nett

3rd Kay Ball 70 nett c/b

4th Trish Cuttance 70 nett

5th Pam Bisset 70 nett

6th Denise Galvin 71 nett c/b

7th P McCool 71 nett

8th M Brislane 71 nett


Pam Bisset (9), Trish Cuttance (12), Mary Bollard (9)

Accuracy – Longest Putt #12 – K Ball

Winner of Gold Medal and Stableford Button

Mary Bollard (68 nett, 41 points)

Thursday 20th April  – Stableford (Hibberd Trophy)

1st Jeff Kay 41 points

2nd Nigel Pearson 36 points

3rd :Lawrence Aspinall 34 points

4th Stu Huddleston 34 points

 Tuesday 25th April, Anzac Day 1-club

1st Jamie Fowler 74 nett

2nd Lindsay Bourke 80 nett

3rd= KP Bourke, Brett MacDougall 81 nett


KP Bourke, Brett MacDougall


Thursday 27th April  – Stableford (Hibberd Trophy)

1st Mark Thomson 40 points

2nd Craig Stevens 37 points

3rd Darcey Ross 35 points

4th Stu Huddleston 32 points

Saturday 29th April – Medal

1st Robert Fryer 71 nett

2nd Lionel Toheriri 72 nett

3rd Kieran Pierey 74 nett by lot from Noel Coombe

Tuesday 2nd May – Olsen Cup Rd 1 (Stableford)

1st= Pam Huddleston and Margaret Brislane 38 points

3rd Bronwyn Smith 37 points

4th Paula McCool 35 points

5th= Lisa Cotton and Denise Galvin 34 points

7th Mary Bollard 33 points c/b from Raewyn Newman and Jan Hewlett


Lisa Cotton, Steph Tisdall (her first, well done)

Accuracy – no idea what or where – Lynne Huddleston

Saturday 6th May – Watson Cup Rd 1 (Par)


1st Peter Timmins 1 up

2nd Nigel Pearson 1 down

3rd Noel Coombe 2 down


1st Jason Kelly 2 up

2nd Sam Gordon 2 down

3rd Natasha Kelly 4 down

Closest to Pin

#9 – Natasha, #12 – looks like it was Mark Hemopo


Robert Fryer (12)

Sunday 7th May – Watson Cup Rd 1 (Par)

1st Jeff Kay 2 up

2nd Jeremy Blatchford 1 down by lot

3rd Nigel Pearson 1 down


Jeremy (14)

Tuesday 9th May  – LGU Gold Medal and Stableford Button, 2nd round MBM and Qualifying

1st Steph Tisdall 71 nett

2nd Deb Henricksen 74 nett

3rd Pam Huddleston 75 nett

4th= Mary Bollard and Paula McCool 78 nett

6th= Denise Galvin, Pam Bisset and Margaret Brislane 79 nett

Drawn Twos

Sue Ross, M Brislane, P Huddleston, Mary McAvoy

Accuracy – Longest Putt #18 – P Huddleston

Winner of Gold Medal and Stableford Button

Steph Tisdall (71 nett, 39 points)

Saturday 13th May – Watson Cup Rd 2 (Par)

1st Jason Kelly 4 up

2nd Danny Pierey 3 up by lot

3rd Stu Huddleston 3 up

4th Sam Gordon 2 up

Closest to Pin

#9 – Nigel Pearson, #12 – Tony Kerins


Jason Kelly (14)

Tuesday 16th May  – Trethella Rd 2 (Par)

1st Seona Ashton 2 up

2nd Sue Ross 1 down

3rd Pam Bisset 2 down

4th Deb Henricksen 3 down

5th Bronwyn Smith 3 down countback from Dawn Smith

Drawn Twos

Sue Ross, Deb Small

Accuracy – Closest to the Pin #12 – P Bisset


You will have noticed the card machine that has been installed at the clubhouse

Hopefully this will be easy enough for you all to use, firstly getting your card (press GET A SCORE CARD) filling it out properly by marking the actual score with an X on the left hand side of the card against each hole when marking your partner’s card.

This is then read by the scanner after play, so you need to check it is correct.

Press SCAN/ENTER CARD and put card through the scanner – you may have to key the scores in hole by hole in some circumstances.

Any queries, please contact Fred Potini on 027 612 1269.


Posted: Wednesday 17 May 2023