PGC Newsletter 20.01.2023



I have been asked to inform you that Sunday golf will commence this Sunday 22nd January at 9am.


These rules changes for 2023 are designed to bring more forgiveness, inclusivity to the game – below are the key changes. Source: rules golf changes 2023. Should be read with the rules in their entirety.

  • Rule 25 - Modifications for players with disabilities.  Currently treated as local rules that committees can enact if they wish. As of Jan1, the modifications will become part of the Rules, meaning that they will always be in effect for all players with disabilities covered in the guidelines, no need to have a local committee adopt them.
  • Rule 3.3b(4) No penalty if you don't write your handicap on your scorecard.  In recognition of the new reality (digital, card printers) players will no longer be penalised for failing to put their handicap on their scorecard in stroke play. It will be up to the committee overseeing play to ensure the accuracy of handicaps and their application..
  • Rule 4.1a(2) Go ahead and replace that damaged club.  As of Jan 1, you’ll be allowed to replace any club that you damage during a round. There’s just one caveat. The damage must be inadvertent.
  • Rule 9.3 More forgiveness for a ball moved by natural forces (wind, water, effects of gravity).  Under a new exception, a ball that rolls to another area of the course or comes to rest out of bounds will be put back where it was before natural forces moved it. No penalty.
  • Simpler procedure for back-on-line relief. When you knock a ball into a penalty area or an unplayable spot, the drop you take is known as back-on-line relief. Come Jan 1, the procedure will be more forgiving. Your ball merely must come to rest within one club-length of where you drop it, even if it is one club-length closer to the hole.

Rules of golf can be found at The R&A - Randa.Org and you can download the app onto your phone

Golf coaching programme – Ages 5 to 19 held on Wednesdays 11th and 18th the final day this Wednesday 25th January

9.30am – 11.30am

Please email registrations to



NEW MEMBERS – say Hi, Gidday, Kia ora to these new and returning members when you see them.

Logan Rankin, Robey Jansen, Stan Gaffney, David Matthews and Megan Smith

Ben Harris (now a competitive junior)

Jacqui Brabin and returning 9-holer, Lara Pierey




TWILIGHT continues with the Teams competition Thursdays until 23rd March.  Get your teams organised, there is a one-off $20 team fee. 3 stableford scores count each night.

Final night is Friday 31st March. Details TBA.

Individual twilight golf $10 entry each night ($5 members) - MEALS AVAILABLE.

Contact Steven McHardy 021 320 228



Sunday 6th November – Stableford

Our club was host to the annual Junior Eagles Triangular matchplay tournament on Sunday 6th November. We had teams of young people representing Manawatu-Wanganui, Hawkes Bay, Wellington and Taranaki regions. The winners of the Barry Ashwell Memorial Cup were Taranaki with 21½ wins, Wellington was second on 18½ just half a point ahead of Hawkes Bay. Unfortunately, the local team was unable to field a full team and finished 4 points adrift in 4th place. Thanks to those who helped in any way to run the day, Pam Bisset in the office, and Pam Huddleston who led the team of ladies that fed the masses throughout the day.

Thursday 17th November – Stableford

1st L Toheriri 40 points by lot

2nd D Percy 40 points

3rd P Bollard 38 points


Saturday 19th November – Stableford


1st L Toheriri 41 points

2nd P Johns 37 points

3rd N Coombe 36 points


1st S Gordon 37 points by lot

2nd A Devonshire 37 points

3rd R Fryer 34 points

Closest to the Pin: #9 – P Johns #12 – N Pearson

Twos: S Huddleston (14)

Tuesday 22nd November – Ladies’ Closing Day

1st M McAvoy and M Bollard


2nd T Cuttance and N Mabey

3rd D Smith and M Smith

4th M Brislane and J Hewlett


5th M Hunt and P Bisset


6th D Power and J Bisset


7th K Ball and D Galvin

Thursday 24th November – Stableford

1st A Bisset 37 points

2nd D Ross 35 points



Saturday 26th November – CLUB CLOSING DAY - Stableford


1st L Huddleston 38 points on countback, 2nd J Bisset 38 point, 3rd D Smith 37 points, 4th T Cuttance 36 points, 5th S Ross 35 points

Closest to Pin #9 – D Smith

Senior Men

1st M Hemopo 39 points on countback, 2nd M Thomson 39, 3rd P Timmins 39 points, 4th F Potini 36

Closest to Pin #18 – R Stewart

Junior Men

1st A Bisset 37 points, 2nd R Stewart 35 points on countback, 3rd S Huddleston 35

Closest to Pin #12 – G Smith (drawn)

There were no twos

Thursday 30th November – Stableford (AT’s Pot 2022)

1st C Wallace 38 points

2nd C Stevens 36 points

3rd S Huddleston 34 points

Saturday 3rd December - Stableford

1st L Cotton 36 points

2nd L Toheriri 35 points

3rd J Cuttance 33 points

Twos: L Cotton (14)

Thursday 8th December – Stableford (AT’s Pot 2022)

1st C Stevens 38 points

2nd P Bollard 38 points

3rd S Huddleston 38 points

Unfortunately, no results are available from Christmas Cheer

Thursday 22nd December  – Stableford (AT’s Pot 2022)

1st P Bollard 42 points

2nd S Huddleston 36 points

3rd D Percy 32 points

4th L Toheriri 32 points

Thursday 29th December  – Stableford (AT’s Pot 2022)

1st I Fraser 38 points

2nd F Potini 37 points

3rd P Johns 35 points

4th A Devonshire 35 points

Saturday 31st December - Stableford

1st F Potini 39 points

2nd KP Bourke 33 points

3rd L Cotton 33 points

4th A Devonshire 33 points

5th N Pearson 33 points

Twos: N Pearson (4)

Stableford (AT’s Pot 2022) Thursday 5th January  –

1st P Bollard 39 points

2nd T Kerins 37 points

3rd D Percy 37 points

Thursday 12th January  

1st P Bollard 40 points

2nd D Percy 39 points

3rd S Gordon 39 points

4th N Pearson 37 points

Saturday 7th January - Stableford

1st T Hall 39 points

2nd L Cotton 37 points

3rd R Fryer 36 points

4th N Pearson 36 points

Closest to Pin: #9 and #12 - S Smith

Twos: L Cotton

Saturday 14th January - Stableford

1st M Hemopo 40 points

2nd D Percy 40 points

3rd N Pearson 39 points

4th P Timmins 39 points

Twos: N Pearson (4), P Timmins (14)


BUSH CLASSIC RESULTS 14th-15th January


1st Kaleb Fagan (Manawatu) 76 points, 2nd Gary Stratford (Foxton) 75 on countback, 3rd Glenn Cunningham (Hawkestone) 75, 4th Tai Ruaporo (Judgeford) 74 c/b, 5th Joseph Stella (Hawkestone) 74, 6th John Duffy (Eketahuna) 74, 7th Tony Kerins (Pahiatua) 72 c/b, 8th Colin Wallace (Pahiatua) 72, 9th Mike Fagan (Manawatu) 72, 10th Marcel Carroll (Hawkestone) 72, 11th Robert Braddick (Eketahuna) 71 c/b, 12th Scott Worsley (Feilding) 71, 13th Warren Pope (Waverley) 71, 14th Paul Wolland (Feilding) 70 c/b, 15th Colin Whibley-Smith (Martinborough) 70, 16th Adam Hughes (Pio Pio-Aria) 70, 17th Joseph Hicks (Titahi) 70, 18th Wayne Bach (Te Marua) 69 c/b, 19th Sean Boland (Judgeford) 69, 20th Bryan Talbot (Royal Wellington) 69, 21st Graeme Stephens (Rangitikei) 67 c/b. 22nd Geoff Baker (Feilding) 67.

Best Gross – Martin White (Hastings)149



1st Francie Duffy (Eketahuna) 84 points, 2nd Larni Tipu 74 (Hawkestone), 3rd Margaret Chapple (Eketahuna) 69, 4th Jad Suttor (Dannevirke) 68 on countback, 5th Jo Bird (Masterton) 68, 6th Vivien Jones (Linton Camp) 68, 7th Lisa Cotton (Pahiatua) 67 c/b, 8th Vicki King (Eketahuna) 67, 9th Pam Lochore (Eketahuna) 66, 10th Lynne Sutherland (Eketahuna) 65 c/b.

Best Gross – Vonne Walker (Feilding) 164

Daily Prizes (best stableford)


Ladies’ - Francie Duffy 39 points

Men – Matthew Carroll (Hawkestone) 39 points


Ladies’ - Francie Duffy 45 points

Men – Tai Ruaporo 42 points


Closest to the Pin

Saturday - Junior Men – Chris Mitchell (Judgeford), Junior Ladies – Sarah Hohaia (Titahi), Senior Men – Damian Walker – Senior Ladies, not struck, All-In – Damian Walker

Sunday – Junior Men – Malcolm Benseman (Mahunga), Junior Ladies – Waimarie Marks (Hutt Park), Senior Men – Colin Whibley-Smith, Senior Ladies – Lisa Cotton, All-in – Jansen Maxwell (Manor Park)

Long Drives

Saturday - Junior Men – Stefan Thorn (Pahiatua), Junior Ladies – Vicki King, Senior Men – Duncan Webb (Feilding), Senior Ladies – Francie Duffy

Sunday - Junior Men – Jeremy Blatchford (Pahiatua), Junior Ladies – Waimarie Marks, Senior Men – Phil Hooper (Waverley), Senior Ladies – Lisa Cotton and Lynne Sutherland


Saturday – Mike Fagan, Colin Wallace, Colin Whibley-Smith, Sean Boland (2), Martin White, Peter Bourke (Pahiatua), Shaun Smith (Pahiatua), Phil Hooper, Sarah Hohaia

Hole in One – Damian Walker

Sunday – Francie Duffy, Vivien Jones, Jared Brock (Pahiatua), Harry Quinn (Masterton), Regan Duffy (Eketahuna), Graham Bond (Hawkestone), Nick Standen (Manor Park), Tony Kerins, Colin Wallace, Wayne Bach, Malcolm Benseman.

Hole in One – Lynne Sutherland

Hunters and Hackers Haggle (Sunday)

1st Wayne Bach 40 points on countback, 2nd Eddie Traill (Eketahuna) 40, 3rd Sean Boland


THANKS to all those who helped in any way. Starting with our greens staff and volunteers presenting our course so well. Organising committee and other club members Pam Bisset, Margaret Alding, Duey for helping to get the action started on Sunday, and Lisa Cotton helping to collate the results. A huge thank you to those who provided the food – Pam Huddleston, her sister-in-law Marilyn and other helpers in the kitchen, also Sarah Thorn and Phil Bollard, cooking the BBQ on course all day. Thanks to Post Office Hotel for providing the BBQ kai. You are all amazing.


LVA Tuesday 17th January

LVA Tournament

Pahiatua is the January venue for the LVA golfing circuit and a field of 59 (18 locals) played in hot conditions on Tuesday 17th, the course again yielding some good scores.


1st Jarod Brock (Pahiatua) 42 points, 2nd Tweet Bird (Castlepoint) 40 points by lot, 3rd Gordon Smith (Feilding) 40, 4th Pam Huddleston (Pahiatua) 40, 5th Russell Kane (Rangitikei) 39 points by lot, 6th Wayne Harriman (Eketahuna) 39, 7th Bruce Stewart (Feilding) 38 points by lot, 8th Roger Ransom (Dannevirke) 38, 9th J Arrandale (Dannevirke) 37 points by lot, 10th Trish Cuttance (Pahiatua) 37, 11th Taylor Hall (Pahiatua) 37, 12th A-Lek White (Rangitikei) 37, 13th Nigel Pearson (Pahiatua) 37.


J Brock (9), R Kane (14), A White (14), N Pearson (14), Graeme Ransom (14)


Please support them whenever you can   


Posted: Friday 20 January 2023