PGC Newsletter 01.11.2022

TWILIGHT this Thursday - Individual Stableford Competition begins - DETAILS BELOW:

 3rd November to 22nd December {then Teams} 12th January to 23rd March. Final night Friday 31st March

Individual twilight golf $10 entry each night ($5 members) - MEALS AVAILABLE.

Contact Steven McHardy 021 320 228


Dannevirke Interclub – now this Saturday 5th November at Pahiatua 12.15pm tee off

Club Closing Day – now Saturday 26th November 12.15pm tee off stableford competition


Saturday 17th September – Stableford (missed from last newsletter)


1st M Hemopo 35 points

2nd R Stewart 34 points

3rd N Coombe 32 points


1st S Huddleston 35 points by lot

2nd C Terry 35 points

3rd A Bisset 32 points

Closest to the Pin #12: N Coombe



Don’t say you weren’t warned!

You can still enter and go onto a waiting list. Check out our wonderful website for details on how to enter.







Thursday 6th October – Hibberd Trophy (Stableford)

1st P Johns 36 points by lot

2nd L Toheriri 36 points


Saturday 8th October – Stableford


1st M Hemopo 36 points by lot

2nd L Cotton 36 points

3rd R Stewart 34 points


1st I Fraser 36 points by lot

2nd L Toheriri 36 points

3rd  A Bisset 29 points

Closest to the Pin: #9 - N Coombe, #12 – F Potini

Twos: D Pierey


Tuesday 11th October – LGU Silver Medal and Stableford Button

1st = M Alding and M Brislane 71 nett

3rd = L Cotton and R Newman 73 nett

5th D Smith 76 nett

Twos: B Smith (9), Accuracy – Longest Putt: (18): M Alding

Joint winners of Silver Medal and Stableford Button: M Alding and M Brislane with 71 nett and 38 stableford points


Saturday 15th October – Stableford


1st  N Pearson 38

2nd M Hemopo 36 points

3rd P Johns 34 points


1st D Percy 35 points

2nd A Devonshire 33 points by lot

3rd M Alding 33 points

Closest to the Pin: #9 – C Wallace, #12 – S Huddleston

There were no twos


Tuesday 18th October – Shootout (13 ladies in the shootout this year)

Last 3 in the field – Jo Bisset, Seona Ashton – WINNER of ALOMA JACKSON TROPHY: Deirdre Power, Congratulations.

Others in the field:

Margaret Drysdale, Margaret Brislane, Deb Henricksen, Paula McCool, Mary Bollard, Trish Cuttance, Dawn Smith, Sue Ross, Alison Mason, Margaret Alding.

Well done, everyone

Saturday 22nd October – Stableford

1st F Potini 34 points

2nd M Hemopo 32 points by lot

3rd T Kerins 32 points

Closest to the Pin: #9 and #12 – L Toheriri

Twos: M Hemopo #14

Tuesday 25th October – Bingo, Bango, Bongo

1st M Hunt 24 points

2nd= D Smith and M Brislane 21 points

Twos: M Brislane (9)

Accuracy closest to the Pin (9): M Brislane


Thursday 27th October – Hibberd Trophy (Stableford)

1st D Percy 38 points

2nd I Fraser 36 points

Labour Day Monday 24th October- YELLOW TEE TOURNAMENT

Seniors: 1st Jason Smith 35 points by lot, 2nd D Pierey 35 points, 3rd J Bennett-Davies 34 points by lot, 4th N Pearson 34 points, 5th P Johns 34 points, 6th M Thomson 34 points, 7th L Cotton 33 points by lot, 8th P Bourke 33 points

Juniors: 1st E Traill 38 points, 2nd D Smith 37 points by lot, 3rd D Falconer 37 points, 4th G Smith 35 points, 5th J Ruwhiu 34 points, 6th S Gordon 32 points by lot, 7th R Fryer 32 points, 8th D Percy 31 points

Card draw: M Alding and J Kelly

Closest to Pin: Senior (18) – J Brock, Junior (12) – S Gordon

Second shot to the Green: Senior - N Pearson. Junior (2) – S Huddleston

Longest Putt: M Alding

Twos: J Blatchford

Saturday 29th October – Stableford AGAIN!

1st R Fryer 37 points

2nd F Potini 35 points by lot

3rd P Timmins 35 points

Closest to the Pin: #9 – N Pearson, #12 T Kerins

Twos: N Pearson (9)

Tuesday 1st November – Melbourne Cup Horse and Jockey - Stableford

1st 69 - M Alding (37) and P Bisset (32)

2= 66 - P Huddleston (34) and M Brislane (32) & T Cuttance (33) and D Smith (33)

4th 64 - L Cotton (33) and L Wheeler (31)

Twos: P McCool (9), K Ball (9), D Henricksen (9), M Brislane (14)

Longest Putt (4): T Cuttance





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Posted: Wednesday 2 November 2022