PGC Newsletter 30.08.2022

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Hi everyone

Info for you all from our meeting on Saturday:

1:  Nothing to report from the Steering Committee about the rebuild - they are meeting with the necessary engineers etc. which all takes time. 

2:  If you are using a cart - PLEASE - do not take it down the hill to tee off at #14.

3:  A big thank you to Jason and his team for maintaining the course during all the wet weather.

4:  Tee off time on Saturdays will remain at 11.15am until daylight savings starts which is 25th September.   

5:   At the beginning of each month those members who are rostered on for bar duties on Saturday will get a reminder of their day - if you are unable to do it on that day – please arrange a swap. 

6:   An idea has been mooted that we consider setting up a Match/Tournament Committee who will organise these events - please let Jason or Bronwyn know your thoughts.  We think ideally it would be a group of 5.

7.   Bar roster - 27th August - STU HUDDLESTON

                        3rd September - PETER BOURKE

                        10th September - NIGEL PEARSON

                        17th September - RICHARD STEWART

                         24th September - JASON SMITH 

8.   Congratulations to Martinborough Men’s team for winning both the Marquis Shield and Sutherland trophy.

Thanks everyone - please let us know any ideas you may have to improve what we are doing.

Good golfing

Margaret ⛳🏌

PS - Please get your matches played as soon as the weather allows - all finals day is 10 September.

MARQUIS SHIELD – Well, along with losing our captain Jason Smith at the 11th hour due to family commitments, our team will be bemoaning dropping a half point along the way this season as they lost the Marquis by this margin when Martinborough came in with 10 points to our 9½ win over Eketahuna (8½). The Marquis Shield scoring system changed this year and was based on total games won in singles and fourball matches, not the team points as I previously reported. Going into the last round here at home on Sunday 14th August, our guys, along with Martinborough and Eketahuna were sitting on 39 points each. Had the previous scoring system been in place, we would have finished in the lead. Oh well, next year. Well done, guys, some spirited matches were played in perfect conditions, and although we lost our silverware, you gave it your best. The only two scored during play was by our own Tommo who chipped in on the 18th and won himself a dozen golf balls.

Thanks to the ladies who spent most of the day preparing food and catering for the teams.


Marquis Shield total singles and fourball matches won on handicap – Martinborough (we were 2nd)

Wairarapa Fourball trophy for fourball matchplay on handicap – Eketahuna (we were 3rd)

Workman Cup for matches won by seniors “off the stick” – Carterton (we were 4th)

Intermediate Cup for intermediate singles matchplay “off the stick” – Masterton (we were 2nd=)

Sutherland Trophy junior singles matchplay on handicap – Martinborough (we were 2nd)

Marquis Cup for total matches won in singles matchplay “off the stick” – Martinborough (we were 3rd).


Tuesday 26th July – Stableford and Matches

1st J Bisset 44 points

Apologies to other place-getters, the printer was playing up and I didn’t get the results. Joanne’s stunning stableford points; I remember well.


Thursday 4th August – Hibberd Trophy (Stableford)

1st S McHardy 38 points by lot

2nd M Thomson 38 points

3rd P Johns 35 points by lot

4th A Bisset 35 points

5th L Toheriri 34 points


Saturday 6th August – Stableford and TC Day


1st C Wallace 38 points

2nd P Drysdale 35 points

3rd S McHardy 34 points by lot

4th T Kerins 34 points 


1st A Bisset 36 points by lot

2nd P Johns 36 points

3rd R Fryer 34 points

4th L Toheriri 32 points

Closest to Pin: #9 S McHardy, #12 R Fryer

There were no TWOS


TC winner: P Johns 36 points

Thursday 11th August – Hibberd Trophy (Stableford)

1st L Toheriri 39 points

2nd S McHardy 31 points

3rd P Johns 29 points

Tuesday 2nd and 9th August

No golf

Saturday 13th August – Medal (Nett) –

1st L Toheriri 74 nett

2nd P Johns 75 nett

3rd C Daysh 76 nett by lot from S Huddleston

Closest to Pin: #9 T Kerins, #12 L Cotton

Twos: TK

Tuesday 16th August – LGU Silver Medal and Stableford Button, Trethella

1st M Alding 71 nett

2nd= P Bisset, P Huddleston 73 nett

4th P McCool 75 nett

5th C Daysh 76 nett

6th J Bisset 77 nett on countback

Drawn Twos: D Henricksen, N Mabey

Accuracy (9): M Brislane

Winner of Silver Medal and Stableford Button: M Alding, 71 nett and 38 points

Wednesday  17th August – Hibberd Trophy (Stableford)

No golf


Thursday 18th August – Ladies American Foursomes cancelled



Saturday 20th August – Watson Cup Rd4 (Par)


1st C Wallace 3 up

2nd N Coombe 1 up

3rd D Pierey all square

4th L Cotton 1 down by lot from J Smith


1st P Johns 4 up

2nd S Huddleston all square

3rd M Alding 1 down

4th L Toheriri 3 down

Closest to Pin: #9 D Pierey, #12 N Pearson

Twos: J Smith (4)

Sunday 21st August – PGA Decanters (Mixed Combined Stableford)

1st C Wallace and P Bisset 66 points

2nd L Toheriri and L Cotton 65 points

3rd D and Jamie Smith 61 points from the Huddlestons


Tuesday 23rd August

No golf


Thursday 25th August – Hibberd Trophy (Stableford)

1st L Toheriri 39 points

2nd P Johns 37 points

3rd S McHardy 33 points

Saturday 27th August – Medal, Nett plus Putts


1st J Smith 97

2nd L Thomson 100

3rd N Pearson 101


1st R Fryer 90 (well done!)

2nd J Cuttance 104

3rd L Toheriri 109

Closest to Pin: #9 L Cotton, #12 L Thomson

There were no TWOS

Tuesday 26th July – Olsen Cup Rd4 (Stableford)

1st= L Cotton and K Ball 35 points

3rd D Smith 30 points

4th P McCool 29 points

Drawn Twos: J Bisset

Accuracy (Drawn): M Bollard



Posted: Tuesday 30 August 2022