PGC Newsletter 07.07.2022

We are still in Orange COVID-19 Traffic Light Setting – mask rules apply


Junior Golf results Sunday 3rd July - Competition 6 holes Gross

1st Millie Smith, 2nd= Blake McHardy and Paige Bolton. Well done.


6 hole competition only between 9-11am due to Marquis Shield teeing off at 11am


 SCHOOL HOLIDAY COACHING CLINIC Thursday 21st July 9 am to 12noon

This clinic is being conducted by Joel Macklin, NZPGA Professional

The coaching is free to all participants. Paula is looking for a club member to help with the day. Contact her on 021 0294 3566

 REMINDERSATURDAY trial tee time will be 11am for the next 8 weeks (to end of August).

 MARQUIS SHIELD TEAM – Our team recorded a 3 – 1 (10½ - 7½ games) win over Carterton at Martinborough on Sunday 26th. Well done, guys. The team is tied in the Marquis Shield 11 points all with Eketahuna who they play this coming Sunday here at home. While we are off the pace in Workman Cup (Seniors) and Intermediate Cup, we are leading in the Sutherland Trophy in the Junior section just ahead of Martinborough and Eketahuna. Selector Club Captain has agonised over naming the team for Sunday with so much talent available, and thanks all the players who have made themselves available, especially at short notice.

The team is, Senior: Danny Pierey and Noel Coombe, Shaun Smith and Jason Smith, Intermediate: Nigel Pearson and Steve McHardy, Colin Wallace and Logan McHardy, Junior: Mark Thomson and Peter Johns, Todd McHardy and Lionel Toheriri.

I’m sure the guys would appreciate your support, head on out to cheer them along. Good luck!

 PGA DECANTERS DATE CHANGE – Please note in your calendars

PGA Decanters which was set down for Saturday 17th September has been brought forward to Sunday 21st August at 12noon. Mixed pairs, combined stableford – arrange your own partner.

 RULES – UNPLAYABLE BALL Rule 19.2 Relief options: There have been instances lately where there was confusion about the unplayable ball rule, in particular, when a ball lies under the bushy tree just off the left of #5 fairway. There may be relief under another rule (EG, burrowing animal), but that’s another ruling, see Rule 16, abnormal course conditions.

The player is the only person who can decide that their ball is unplayable, and this can be done anywhere on the golf course except when your ball lies in a penalty area. You have 3 relief options, in each case adding one penalty stroke. NOTE: Relief is taken from where the ball is, so if you are under a gnarly tree or bush and can’t get 2-club lengths lateral relief, you have to look at either stroke and distance (based on where the previous stroke was made), or back-on-the-line based on a reference line going straight back from the hole through the spot of the original ball.

There was a very good example of this rule on the 3rd round of the recent Women’s PGA Championships when In Gee Chun had to go back and take stroke and distance as she considered the other 2 options were not available to her.

Click here and here for videos explaining unplayable ball lies and your relief options.


Unplayable ball relief is available anywhere on the golf course, except in a penalty area

You have 3 options, each under penalty of one stroke –

  • Play again from where you last played
  • Drop back on the line keeping the point where the ball lay between you and the hole
  • Drop within two club lengths of where the ball lay, no nearer the hole.

 PHANTOM OF THE OPEN movie is coming to Pahiatua Regent at the end of the month click here to view the trailer.


Thursday 23rd June – Hibberd Trophy (Stableford)

1st S McHardy 39 points

2nd G Smith 36 points

3rd S Huddleston 34 points


Saturday 25th June – Byrne Cup and Vets Trophy Rds 4 (Medal)


1st M Thomson 70 nett

2nd C Wallace 72 nett

3rd S Huddleston 73 nett


1st P Huddleston 72 nett

2nd R Fryer 73 nett by  lot

3rd L Toheriri 73 nett

Closest to Pin: #9 S Huddleston, #12 L Cotton

Twos: L Toheriri (14)

Tuesday 28th June – Stableford and Matches

1st M Drysdale 38 points (Well done!)

2nd M McAvoy 35 points

3rd= D Power, L Cotton and P McCool 32 points

Drawn Twos: D Henricksen, J BIsset and P McCool

Accuracy: Closest to Pin #9: T Cuttance

Thursday 30th June – Hibberd Trophy (Stableford)

1st KP Bourke 38 points

2nd L Toheriri 37 points

3rd N Pearson 31 points

Saturday 2nd July – Stableford


1st Jason Smith 36 points

2nd L Cotton 35 points

3rd N Pearson 31 points


1st P Johns 34 points by lot

2nd I Fraser 34 points

3rd B Smith 33 points

Closest to Pin: #9 N Pearson, #12 I Fraser

Twos: L Cotton (9)

Tuesday 5th July – Trethella (Par) Rd3

1st J Bisset 2up

2nd M Wheeler square

3rd= M McAvoy and M Alding 1 down

5th B Smith 2 down

Drawn Twos: J Bisset, J Hewlett and B Smith

Accuracy (Drawn): M Drysdale



Seniors: 1st B White 37 points, 2nd Jason Smith 36 points c/b, 3rd R Greaves 36 points

Juniors: 1st J Bambry 37 points c/b, 2nd L Toheriri 37 points, 3rd C Terry 36 points

Ladies: 1st D Power 36 points, 2nd M McAvoy 29 points c/b, 3rd J Bisset 29 points

Closest to Pin: #18 N Pearson, #12 W Frank, #9 B Harlow. Longest Putt: K Didham

Twos: P Timmins (12), G Thomson (14), Jason Smith (14), B Hutchins, (12), R Greaves (14), D Bassett (14)

The Tui Cup was won by club member Top Grass Road farmer Colin Terry (pictured) scoring 36 points on countback. Well done, Col. Picture taken down on the farm by Peter Timmins.

TUI CUP WINNER 2022 – Colin Terry







Posted: Thursday 7 July 2022