PGC Newsletter 24.06.2022


Welcome to the club and golf to William Mabey, a junior competitive member. Say Hi when you see him around.

And farewell to Harold August who has moved to Christchurch

Junior golf

Thanks to Paula and team, including the ladies who provided the food on the day of our Futures Golf tournament – great work!

It was a nice day once the fog lifted.

There were 4 players in the 18-hole, 5 played 9 holes and 10, six-holes. Those 10 and 2 in the 9-hole comp were from our Sunday coaching programme.

Everyone won a prize.

CONTINUING JUNIOR GOLF – Junior golf coaching will continue from Sunday 3rd July at 9am - the juniors will be playing 6 and 9-hole fun competitions. Please let the young ones know to just turn up.

 REMINDERSATURDAY tee time will be 11am for the next 2½ months (a trial until the end of August).

 NEWS FROM MIFF (Club Captain) – the draws for Day and Carthew Cups and Fourball Championships are up in the men’s locker room. Please get onto playing your matches, although your Championship matches should be your priority as the finals are early September, no exemptions.

 MARQUIS SHIELD TEAM – Round 4 which was postponed on Sunday 12th June is to be played this Sunday 26th at Martinborough. Round 5 will now be played here at Pahiatua on Sunday 10th July.

Good luck guys.

 PROGRAMME CHANGES – Please note in your calendars

Watson Cup Rd 4 (Par) will now be played on Saturday 20th August (changed from 11th June

PGA Decanters set down for Saturday 17th September has been changed – date TBA.

 We are in Orange COVID-19 Traffic Light Setting

A shout out to our members who are (or have been) isolating due to contracting covid. Rest up, follow the rules, get well and come back to golf as soon as you are properly able to.

Gentle reminder – in orange, in hospitality, those serving food or drink must wear a mask


Thursday 26th May – Hibberd Trophy (Stableford)

1st G Smith 42 points

2nd P Drysdale 37 points

3rd L Toheriri 36 points

4th D Percy 34 points

5th P Johns 33 points

Saturday 28th May – Stableford minus Putts


1st KP Bourke +14

2nd F Potini +11

3rd N Coombe +8


1st L Toheriri +8

2nd H August +6

3rd I Fraser +6

Closest to Pin: #9 N Coombe, #12 C Wallace

Twos: R Fryer (14), KP Bourke (9), C Wallace (12)

Sunday 29th May – Rd3 Donald & Williams Salvers, Mixed Foursomes (Final round)


1st D and Jamie Smith 72.5 nett

2nd D Power and D Percy 77.5 nett

3rd C Daysh and C Wallace by lot


Overall Salvers Winners 2022: Dawn and Jamie Smith with two best nett scores of 69.5 and 72.5, totalling 142, congratulations.

Tuesday 31st May – LGU Gold Medal and Stableford Button, MBM Rd3, 3rd Qualifying

1st D Power 71 nett

2nd= M Alding, D Smith, and T Cuttance 75 nett

5th= K Ball and L Cotton 77 nett

7th J Bisset 79 nett

Twos: M Brislane (18)

Accuracy: Longest Putt #18: K Ball

Winner of Gold Medal and Stableford Button: D Power 71 nett and 38 points.


Saturday 4th June – Nett Plus Putts


1st T Kerins 100

2nd L Cotton 101

3rd N Coombe 101 by lot


1st L Toheriri 99

2nd C Daysh 101

3rd KP Bourke 106

Closest to Pin: #9 L Cotton, #12 F Potini

Twos: KP Bourke (12), S Huddleston (12)

Tuesday 7th June – Mid-Winter visit from Eketahuna, 30 players (Eketahuna players denoted with E) Foursomes competition

1st N Mabey and L Cotton 74.5 nett

2nd S Herbert and P Bisset 75.5 nett

3rd D Galvin and J Anderson (E) 77 nett

4th J Bisset and M Brislane 77.5 nett

5th O Stevenson (E) and P Huddleston 78

6th M McAvoy and M Chapple (E)  80.5 nett

7th K Ball and J Smith (E)  81 nett

8th M Hunt and J Duffy (E)  81 net

Thursday 9th June – Hibberd Trophy (Stableford)

9 holes only played

1st L Toheriri 19 points

2nd J Delehanty 18 points

3rd S Huddleston  17 points

Saturday 11th June – Watson Cup Rd 4 (Par)

Competition postponed.

Round 4 of Watson Cup will now be played on Saturday 20th August.


Tuesday 14th June – LGU Gold Medal and Stableford Button, MBM Rd4, 4th Qualifying

Competition postponed.

Played 21st June in conjunction with Olsen Cup Rd 3.

Thursday 16th June – Hibberd Trophy (Stableford)

1st L Toheriri 35 points

2nd N Pearson 30 points

3rd S McHardy 29 points

Saturday 18th June – Bourke Cup Rd 4 (Stableford and TC Day)


1st L Cotton 38 points

2nd G Squires 36 points

3rd P Drysdale 35 points


1st L Toheriri 38 points

2nd S Huddleston 35 points by lot

3rd G Thomson 35 points

TC Adjunct:

1st P Drysdale 35 by lot from S Huddleston

Closest to Pin: #9 L Cotton, #12 C Terry

Twos: N Pearson (14)

Sunday 19th June – Donald Vases 27-hole Canadian Foursomes

1st P Timmins and L Cotton 105.75 nett

2nd Jason and B Smith 107 nett

3rd C Wallace and P Bisset 108.75 nett


Donald Vases for 2022 won by Peter and Lisa. Congratulations.

Tuesday 21st June – Olsen Cup Rd3, LGU Gold Medal and Stableford Button, MBM Rd4, 4th Qualifying

1st L Cotton 71 nett, 38 points, 2nd S Ashton 77 nett, 34 points, 3rd P Huddleston 78 nett, 31 points, 4th B Smith 79 nett, 30 points, 5th= M Wheeler and P Bisset 80 nett, 29 points.

Drawn 2s: B Smith, P Bisset and D Galvin. . Accuracy: Longest Putt #4: M McAvoy

Winner of Gold Medal and Stableford Button: L Cotton, 71 nett and 38 stableford points. Congratulations.


Posted: Friday 24 June 2022