PGC Newsletter 07.04.2022


At all levels, the testing and isolation requirements remain. If you have symptoms or someone in your household tests positive, isolate and get tested. Stay home.


Teams welcome to come along and play Ambrose before prizegiving. Free drinks on the course and dinner will be provided. Please be upstairs soon after playing. Best Nett competition – pay-out is 1st: $100, 2nd: $60, 3rd: $20

Playing Ambrose:

Add up your teams’ 4 course handicaps and divide by 8 (if only 3 players then divide by 6)

All tee off and choose ball in best position (Must use at least 2 drives from each team member), all hit again and then choose the ball in the best position, continue in this way until ball holed.

Pennant / Marquis Shield – mixed results:

Weekend Pennant - Colleen Daysh and Bronwyn Smith had a half with Feilding on Sunday 27th at Rangitikei. Round 5 for Colleen and Bronwyn is at Castlecliff on Sunday playing the home team. Good luck you two!

Marquis Shield – Congratulations to our team of Danny Pierey, Jason Smith, Noel Coombe and Shaun Smith; Colin Wallace (replacing Nigel Pearson), Steven McHardy, Peter Timmins and Fred Potini: Mark Thomson, Peter Johns, Peter Bourke and Todd McHardy who gained a clean sweep 4 points in Marquis Shield by winning 12 games to 6 against Martinborough at Eketahuna on Sunday.

Monday Pennants – our team of Pam Bisset, Deb Henricksen, Margaret Brislane, Paula McCool, Pam Huddleston, Trish Cuttance and Seona Ashton lost 5½ to 2½ to Feilding at Castlecliff. Two games were decided on the 18th so could’ve gone either way. Next match is at home next Monday versus Rangatira Pink. The team is Pam Bisset, Deb Henricksen, Margaret Brislane, Paula McCool, Seona Ashton and Trish Cuttance – Good luck, ladies.


Masterton Golf Club is offering all Wairarapa Golf Clubs, including Pahiatua, green fees of $20 per 18-holes, or any part rounds.  Their fees have increased to $40 so this is great news for our members. Expect that we will reciprocate with a $20 green fee for their members playing here.

A reminder that we have half-price reciprocal rights with both Eketahuna and Linton Camp Golf Clubs.

Tuesday 29th March – Olsen Cup Rd 1 (Stableford)

1st C Daysh 38 points

2nd= D Smith and M Brislane 37 points

4th M Alding 36 points

5th B Smith 35 points

Twos: P Bisset (9 & 18), M Brislane (12)

Accuracy – Longest Putt #4: M McAvoy

Thursday 31st March – Hibberd Trophy (Stableford)

1st A Bisset 37 points

2nd I Fraser 36 points

3rd P Johns 31 points


Saturday 2nd April – Watson Trophy Rd 1 (Par)


1st P Timmins 1 up on countback

2nd S Huddleston 1 up

3rd M Hemopo square


1st N Kelly square

2nd K Thomson 1 down on countback

3rd B Smith 1 down

Closest to Pin: #9 B Smith, #12 N Pearson

Twos: G Thomson (14), P Johns (12), N Kelly (12)

Tuesday 5th April – LGU Gold Medal and Stableford Button, MBM Rd 1, 1st Qualifying

1st= M McAvoy and M Brislane 69 nett

3rd N Kelly 71 nett

4th K Ball 72 nett

5th= P Bisset and M Hunt 73 nett

Twos: P Bisset (18), N Kelly (12), M McAvoy (9)

Accuracy – CTP #9: C Daysh

Winner of Gold Medal and Stableford Button: M Brislane and M McAvoy both had 69 nett and scored 40 stableford points.



Posted: Thursday 7 April 2022