PGC Newsletter 23.03.2022

COVID 19 NZ GOLF GUIDELINES - Omicron is rife in our area, keep yourselves safe. It’s real.

A big shout-out to our members who are isolating with covid or because they are household contacts. Our thoughts are with you all. Remember, if you have cold or flu-like symptoms, isolate and get a test. RATs tests are free, do not buy from the supermarket. They can be ordered and picked up at the Pharmacy – click here. More information can be found here.

In the Traffic Light System, we are still at RED. There will be an update on 4th April.

  • So from Saturday there will be NO limits to outdoor gatherings with a Vaccine Pass.
  • 200-person limit indoor gatherings with a Vaccine Pass
  • Do not need to wear a mask outdoors
  • Face masks still required indoors
  • No requirement to scan

Wearing a mask inside is a no-brainer, protect yourself and others.

From 11.59pm 4th April there will be no requirement to use My Vaccine Pass.

FUTURE-PROOFING PAHIATUA GOLF CLUB – see Secretary’s email for minutes.

A special meeting was held on Saturday morning at the golf club with some 40 members attending. President Peter Bourke outlined his thoughts for the clubhouse, relating in particular to lowering the building. Pete took us through the many reasons why we have to do something to secure a decent clubhouse into the future. The meeting agreed in principle to support the move and a Steering Committee has been set up to investigate our options including funding. This committee consists of Peter, Fred Potini, Peter Johns and Mary McAvoy who have the power to co-opt or seek help of others. Nothing is off the table, including a new clubhouse.



Teams welcome to come along and play an Ambrose Teams event before prizegiving after play. Please be upstairs soon after playing.

Playing Ambrose:

Add up your team’s 4 course handicaps and divide by 8 (if only 3 players then divide by 6)

All tee off and choose ball in best position (Must use at least 2 drives from each team member), all hit again and then choose the ball in the best position, continue in this way until ball holed.

Best Nett competition – pay-out is 1st: $100, 2nd: $60, 3rd: $20


Pennant / Marquis Shield – well done and good luck for the coming week:


Weekend Pennant – We have points on the board! Our team of Colleen Daysh and Bronwyn Smith won 2 – 1 against Rangitikei at home. A very big thank you to all those who helped to make this day so successful

Pam Bisset and Colleen Daysh played Palmerston North 1 at Marton last Sunday winning 2-1. Colleen and Bronwyn will be playing again this Sunday 27th at Rangitikei versus Feilding.


Marquis Shield team also on Sunday will begin their quest to retain the Shield and hopefully add other trophies to the cabinet. They play at Eketahuna against Martinborough. The team is Seniors – Danny Pierey, Jason Smith, Noel Coombe and Shaun Smith; Intermediates – Nigel Pearson, Steven McHardy, Peter Timmins and Fred Potini: Juniors- Mark Thomson, Peter Johns, Peter Bourke and Todd McHardy.


Monday Pennants – these ladies will be playing at Castlecliff vs Feilding – Pam Bisset, Deb Henricksen, Paula McCool, Pam Huddleston, Trish Cuttance and Seona Ashton.



Thursday 10th March – Hibberd Trophy (Stableford)

1st I Fraser 39 points

2nd L Thomson 33 points

3rd C  Stevens 33 points

Saturday 12th March – Stableford (we had 13 visitors from Inglewood) 26 in field


1st S Gower (Ing) 39 points

2nd C Mace (Ing) 39 points

3rd I Colson (Ing) 39 points

4th N Coombe 38 points


1st M Alding 45 points

2nd T Munro (Ing) 41 points

3rd A Devonshire 38 points

4th N Kelly 37 points

Closest to Pin: #9 T Munro

 #12 A Devonshire

Twos: C Wallace #4, M Hemopo #9

Tuesday 15th March, Irish Day – American Foursomes

1st T Cuttance and K Ball 62 nett

2nd M Hunt and S Ashton 62.5 nett

3rd C Daysh and M Bollard 64 nett

4th M Drysdale and N Mabey 64.5

5th P Bisset and R Newman 65 nett

6th D Smith and J Bisset 66.5 nett

Saturday 19th March – Byrne Cup and Vet’s Trophy Rd 2

1st A Devonshire 68 nett

2nd R Fryer 70 nett

3rd E Traill (Eke) 71 nett

Closest to Pin: #9 E Traill

 #12 S Gordon

Twos: S Huddleston #4, S Gordon #14

Thursday 17th March – LADIES’ ST PATRICKS OPEN DAY (sponsored by Property Brokers)

A final field of 71 from 16 clubs played in great conditions for our Open Day, many thanks to all concerned.








Best Nett

F Duffy (Eke)


M Brislane (Png)


M McAvoy (Pah)

67 c/b

Best Gross

S Burlace (Dvke)


M Bodell (Man)


K Ball (Pah)


1st Stableford

P Bisset (Pah)

36 c/b

C Davis (Man)

39 c/b

T Cuttance (Pah)


2nd Stableford

D Henricksen (Pg)


H Donald (Puk)


C Fergus (PNth)


3rd Stableford

R Williams (Mtn)


P Huddleston (Pah)

38 c/b

D Galvin (Pah)


4th Stableford

C Daysh (Pah)


M Hall (Dvke)


C Rose (Man)

38 c/b

5th Stableford

R Rainey (RTira)


E Swanney (Dvke)

37 c/b

B Farquharson (Pk)


6th Stableford

L Wheeler (Png)

33 c/b

L Williamson (Mst)


D Smith (Pah)


7th Stableford

J Clifton (Man)


J Charmley (Dvke)


M Alding (Pah)


TWOs: S Burlace #14, J Smith (Eke) #18 and M Alding #9.



Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Closest to Pin

F Duffy

C Skou (Marton)

P Griffith (Mstn)

Longest Drive #11

L Wheeler

A Schroder (Flg)

C Rose (Man)

Tuesday 22nd March – HOME LINKS (LGU Gold Medal and Stableford Button)

1st T Cuttance nett 66, 2nd M Brislane 70 nett, 3rd D Henricksen 71 nett, 4th= C Daysh and M Bollard 72 nett, 6th J Hewlett 74 nett, 7th= S Ashton, P McCool and P Bisset 76 nett

Accuracy Longest Putt #18: S Ashton

Twos: L Wheeler #4, P McCool #14

Winner of Gold Medal and Stableford Button is T Cuttance with 66 nett and 43 stableford points.


Posted: Wednesday 23 March 2022