PGC Newsletter 24.02.2022


Golf clubs needs to abide by guidelines from NZ Golf to keep us all safe and able to continue to play golf. One of the few sports that have been able to carry on normally. We are so lucky.

Below are the covid rules we are to follow – please continue to do so, and if you aren’t, take time to recognise your responsibilities, to not only the club but your fellow members.

It applies to all club days, including Thursday haggle and Twilight.

Please scan our QR code or register your name in the book by the green fees.

Vaccine passes are required for entry to the clubrooms (hospitality) please ensure you have these on you. 100 people maximum allowed on the premises

Masks are meant to be worn when entering the club and may only be removed once seated to eat or drink. You should wear them when going to the bar or moving around. Those front-facing serving in the bar, kitchen or starter’s office MUST wear a mask

COVID PLAYING RULES – On our course you can:

  1. Exchange cards.
  2. Remove the pin to putt.
  3. Rake the bunkers.
  4. Drink from the fountains.

Nau mai haere mai to these new members – Welcome back to Nicole Coppen McHardy a 9-hole member and welcome to Colin Terry and Kurt Wieldraayer enjoy your golf! 

RULES ADVICE: Do you have a rules question? Just ask, if I don’t know, I’ll find out for you.

OUT OF BOUNDS – check the back of the scorecard; “Out of bounds is 1) As defined by boundary fences or white markers and 2) Car park, clubhouse surrounds, roadway behind 17th green.”

There is no free relief from a boundary fence. You may not move a boundary fence or take free relief from them like you would from other artificial objects, like a path or a red or yellow stake marking penalty areas.


a)     Play the ball as it lies (no penalty). You can stand out of bounds to play a ball in bounds.

b)     Proceed under stroke and distance by playing again from the spot of your last stroke (see Rule 18.1, 1 penalty stroke)

c)     Decide your ball is unplayable (see Rule 19.1, 1 penalty stroke).

White peg areas such as on the left of #3 (to the corner), 5, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15 and 17 are out of bounds and not to be treated as internal fences. Hope this helps to remove any ambiguity.

LOCAL RULES – these are on the blackboard and also on the back of the cards, you really need to read these in conjunction and you could save yourself some angst and arguments out there on the course.

EG: The poplar trees on #12 are not part of the fairway and there is no free relief from them – see above for your options. Note: Penalties for breaching a Local Rule: Strokeplay 2 penalty strokes, Matchplay, loss of hole. 


Thursday 3rd February – Twilight

Men: 1st T McHardy 24 points

Ladies: 1st D Galvin 23 points

Team: Blondies 61 points

Closest to Pin: #12: T McHardy

Longest Putt: #11 G Smith

Twos: S McHardy #18, T McHardy #12

Saturday and Sunday 5th and 6th February – no golf

Regretfully the NZMCA tournament was canned due to the weather.

Tuesday 8th February – Ladies Opening Day – foursomes, alternate shots (18 in the field)

1st D Henricksen and S Herbert 69 nett

2nd C Daysh and M Alding 70 nett

3rd P Bisset and M Bollard 74 nett

4th M Hunt and M Drysdale 74.5 nett

Thursday 10th February – AT’s Pot (Stableford)

1st KP Bourke 38 points

2nd I Fraser 36 points

Thursday 10th February – Twilight

Men: 1st= T McHardy, J Reuben, A Burns, Jamie Smith and J Watson 21 points

Ladies: 1st D Galvin 21 points

Team: Dazza’s 60 points

Closest to Pin: #9: M Hemopo

Longest Putt: #2 M Hunt

Tuesday 15th February – Stableford

1st M McAvoy 39 points

2nd J Hewlett 38 points

3rd= M Bollard and S Ashton 36 points

5th P Bisset 35 points

Accuracy Longest Putt: #4 P McCool

Twos: P Bisset #9

Thursday 17th February – AT’s Pot (Stableford)

1st I Fraser 34 points

2nd S Huddleston 33 points

3rd A Devonshire 31 points by lot from C Wallace and L Thomson




Thursday 17th February – Twilight

Men: J Reuben 21 points

Ladies: D Galvin 20 points

Team: Dazza’s 59 points

Closest to Pin: C Terry #12

Longest Putt: K Thomson #18

Tuesday 22nd February – National Teams Qualifying (Nett)

1st S Ashton 68 nett

2nd P Bisset 72 nett

3rd J Hewlett 73 nett

4th= P Huddleston & M Hunt 75 nett

Accuracy CTP #9: P McCool

Twos: C Daysh #9

Team to represent us in Finals at Levin 29th April: Pam BIsset, Pam Huddleston, Margaret Alding and Colleen Daysh OR Margaret Brislane

Saturday 19th February Property Brokers Opening Day – COMBINED STABLEFORD “BLIND PAIRS

A novel competition dreamed up by our new club captain Miff was a popular fun event where players were drawn together after play and their stableford points combined. The player numbers were low which often happens after a postponement, but those who came to play enjoyed the day and were treated to a great BBQ dinner to complete the day. Thanks to all who came, played and contributed. Special thanks to Patrick and the team at Property Brokers for their sponsorship.

TEAM RESULTS: 1st S Huddleston and B Hannah 38/40 = 78 points, 2nd S McHardy and KP Bourke 38/38 = 76 points, 3rd R Fryer and A Devonshire 38/36 = 74 points, 4th Blair H and T Kerins 35/37 = 72 points, 5th= B Smith and L Thomson 30/41 = 71 points c/b, D Smith and P Timmins 32/39 = 71, P Drysdale and K Kawana 35/36 = 71. Lucky Last: T McHardy and A McKnight.

Top scores of players not in a winning team: Senior Man – J Smith (35), Senior Lady – P Bisset (37), Junior Man – S Lee (36), Junior Lady – M McAvoy (40).

Closest to Pin: Senior Man #18 and Senior Lady #4 no one on the green. Junior Man #12 S Huddleston, Junior Lady #9 M Drysdale, All in #14 J Smith. Twos: J Smith and P Huddleston.

Long Drives: Senior Man - B Hannah, Senior Lady – Pam Bisset and P Huddleston could not be separated, Junior Lady no one on the fairway, Junior Man – S Lee.  Longest Putt – S Ashton.

Sunday 20th February – Summer Shootout

7 players started the shootout, but due to inclement weather, only 5 continued with the contest which was eventually won by our President Peter Bourke from Graham Thomson.

Ladies Pennant 2022 season underway:

Unfortunately the ladies have made a less than successful start to the pennant season. New for us is Weekend Pennants, a 2-person team playing a handicap competition on a Sunday. This week Colleen Daysh and Bronwyn Smith travelled to Waimarino at Ohakune and lost their 3 matches to Wanganui by close margins.

A new format for Silver/District pennant now combined into one 6-person team started on Monday at Manawatu versus Palmerston North. Our team of Pam Bisset, Lindy Wheeler, Deb Henricksen, Colleen Daysh, Margaret Drysdale and Trish Cuttance went down 4 ½ - 3 ½ .


Note: we do not have a ladies Championship Pennant team playing this year however Lindy Wheeler is playing in the competition in a Manawatu-Wanganui team.


Our men are contesting the final round from 2021 at Mahunga this Sunday versus Masterton.

Good luck to our guys seeking to win the Marquis Shield for the first time since being back in this competition. Going into the finals, our team is 1 point ahead of Eketahuna in the Marquis Shield, quite a bit off the pace in the Workman Cup (Seniors “off the stick”), .5 of a point behind Eketahuna in the Intermediate Cup and have a full 4 point lead ahead of the pack in the juniors (Sutherland Trophy). Good luck to the team: Seniors: Danny Pierey & Shaun Smith,  Jason Smith & Noel Coombe; Intermediate: Nigel Pearson & Steve McHardy, Peter Timmins & Tony Kerins, Juniors: Fred Potini & Mark Hemopo, Peter Bourke & Todd McHardy.

Ladies Weekend Pennant team Colleen and Bronwyn will play Manawatu at Levin

YOUR CALENDAR FOR MARCH – Note change of date for Club haggle from 17th to 16th


Posted: Friday 25 February 2022