When Janice Duffy of Eketahuna (pictured) won the 2022 Bush Classic recently, it was the third time in the 20 years the tournament has been held. Janice previously won in 2013 and 2018. The Bush Classic is a joint Pahiatua/Eketahuna 36-hole tournament held at the clubs each year on a Saturday/Sunday alternatively over a weekend in January.

The tournament has proven to be immensely popular, attracting a full field of 128 with a waiting list of players hoping to make the cut. There were representatives from 35 outside clubs mainly from the Wellington and Manawatu-Wanganui districts, with players from Waihi, Pio Pio-Aria and Matamata also in the field. There are many regulars who return each year.The tourney was well-supported by the Feilding club.

This year the tournament included several single figure handicap golfers, one on a plus 3, and 2 on scratch. Congratulations to Rob Lopez of Martinborough who aced his first shot of the day on number16 at Eketahuna on Sunday, the second day of the competition. Masterton golfer Murray Wolland shot his age on Saturday and under his age on Sunday, an extraordinary feat.


LADIES STABLEFORD: 1st J Duffy 80 points, 2nd M Chapple (Eke) 79 points, 3rd J Anderson (Eke) 77 points, 4th L Thomas (Titahi) 71 points on countback from 5th L Sutherland (Eke), 6th L Sadlier (Titahi) 70 on countback from 7th P Bisset (Pah), 8th S Armstrong (Paraparaumu Beach) and 9th L Tipu (Hawkestone), 10th F Duffy (Eke) 69 points.

LADIES’ BEST GROSS: Vonne Walker (Fldg) 159 (82, 77).

 MEN’S STABLEFORD: 1st T Ruaporo (Judgeford) 80 points, 2nd Matthew Carroll (Hawkestone) 76 on countback from 3rd M Bourke (Hastings), 4th M Wolland (Mstn) 75 on countback from 5th P Bourke (Pah), and 6th B Talbot (R Wgtn), 7th Marcel Carroll (Hawkestone) 74 on countback from 8th S Worsley (Fldg), 9th B Churchill (Linton Camp) 73 points, 10th M Stewart (Apiti) 72 on countback from 11th G Baker (Fldg), 12th G Cunningham (Hawkestone), 13th T Kerins (Pah) 71 on countback from 14th C Stevens (P Nth), 15th S Joyce (Titahi) 70 on countback from 16th W Mudgway (Hastings), 17th S Godfrey (Judgeford), 18th C de Ridder (Boulcotts), 19th G Bond (Hawkestone) and 20th J Hicks (Titahi), 21st A Jones (Kapiti) 69 points on countback from 22nd D Bradford (Titahi).

MEN’S BEST GROSS: Roddy McCabe (Fldg) 143 (69, 74)


Daily Prizes:

Saturday (Pahiatua) – Top man J Hicks 43 points, Top Lady J Churchill (Linton Camp) 39 points

Sunday (Eketahuna) – Top man T Ruaporo 43 points, Top lady J Duffy 44 points

 Closest to the Pin – Pahiatua:

Junior Man #12– S Joyce (Titahi)

Junior Lady #9 – V Bishop (Titahi)

Senior Man  #18 – J Ogg (Mstn)

Senior Lady - #4 (drawn) – B Hull (Matamata)

All in #14 – M White (Hstg)

Long Drive – Pahiatua (all on #11)

Junior Man – S Thorn (Pah)

Junior Lady – L Tipu (Hawkestone)

Senior Man – K Russell (Fldg)

Senior Lady – L Wheeler (Pong)

 Twos – Pahiatua

Martin White (Hstg) 14; Graham Bond (Hawk) 9,14; Mike Bourke (Hstg) 12,14; Darryl Bradford (Titahi) 14; Mark Crawford (Wav) 9; Stu Donald (Fldg) 9; Bruce Gibson (Fldg) 4; Joe Hicks (Titahi) 9; Phil Hooper (Wang) 4,14; Bev Ireland (Waihi) 9; Alex Jones (Kapiti) 9; Aimee Jones (Kapiti) 9; Wayne Mudgway (Hstg) 14; Steve Ricketts (Waikanae) 18; Vonne Walker (Fldg) 9; Damian Walker (Fldg) 12; Paul Wolland (Fldg) 9

 Closest to the Pin – Eketahuna:

Junior Man #16 – C de Ridder (Boulcott)

Junior Lady #10 – J Duffy

Senior Man - #5 – S Cox (Fldg)

Senior Lady #3 – S Armstrong (Param)

All in #10 – D Webb (Fldg)

 Long Drive – Eketahuna

Junior Man #11 – D O’Connell (Fldg)

Junior Lady #18 – L Tipu (Hawkestone)

Senior Man #15 – G Stephens (R’Tiki)

Senior Lady #2 – F Duffy

 Twos – Eketahuna

Matthew Carroll (Hawk) 16; Bruce Gibson (Fldg) 16; Sue Ross (Pah) 16; Kyle Russell (Fldg) 10; Vonese Walker (Fldg)  10; Duncan Webb (Fldg) 10; Scott Worsley (Fldg) 16
HOLE IN ONE - Rob Lopez (M'Boro) 16

Hunters and Hackers (Sunday only):

1st= L Sadlier (Titahi) and J Stella (Hawkestone) 39 points, 3rd M Stewart (Apiti) 38

 WINNER OF BUSH CLASSIC 2022 - Janice Duffy on countback 80 points (36, 44)

By Colleen Daysh.

Posted: Tuesday 1 February 2022