PGC Newsletter 30.03.2021

RIP ALAN TURNER: Sadly, I report the death last Tuesday of Alan (AT) Turner. Alan’s service to our club was invaluable. He was Treasurer for many years, was made both a Life Member and an Eagle. The family invite members to attend an informal remembrance service in the clubhouse tomorrow, Wednesday 31st March at 2pm. 

WELCOME TO NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Jacqui Beales, a new lady member who has joined us. We hope you will enjoy playing golf and also hope you can get some time off to come out and play with the ladies on Tuesdays. Say hi to Jacqui when you see her around the course. Welcome also to Ashley Burnes.

There are a further 4 people who have joined, however I have no details so can’t add them to receive this newsletter. Members, in your excitement to sign up new members, please remember this is an incorporated society and as such we need to have a nominator and seconder on any membership application. The application should be available for scrutiny of members, membership acceptance is not automatic nor does payment of a subscription constitute membership.

MARQUIS SHIELD: Fantastic result on Sunday playing Eketahuna at Carterton when our team won 7/5. Congratulations, what a great effort. Team was Noel Coombe, Danny Pierey, Nigel Pearson, Mark Field, Tony Kerins, Lionel Toheriri, Richard Stewart, Steven McHardy, Brett MacDougall, Mark Thomson Todd McHardy and Tony Lozell. When the website is updated, I will bring you the individual division results.

LADIES PENNANTS: Congratulations to Championship Pennant team of Lisa and Lindy who played Feilding at Rangitikei on Sunday, with a win and a half they tied the bout and recorded their first points of the season. Good stuff, ladies.

TRADIES GOLF TOURNAMENT – Main Sponsor is Mitre10, Dannevirke, see HOME page for details .


Thursday 1st April – Hibberd Club haggle stableford 12.15pm


Friday 2nd – GOOD FRIDAY


Saturday 3rd – Stableford 12.15pm and Ladies’ Weekend Olsen Cup Rd 1, stableford




Monday 5th – Easter Monday


Tuesday 6th - Olsen Cup Rd 1, stableford 10am


Thursday 8th –Hibberd Club haggle and WAIRARAPA VETS – all welcome, 12 noon


Saturday 10th –  See opposite TRADIES TOURNAMENT 12 noon, stableford, weekend ladies’ LGU Silver medal



Tuesday 16th March – Irish Day, Stableford playing to the alternate hole

1st= M McAvoy and C Daysh 36 points

3rd= P Bisset and P Huddleston 34 points

5th= M Brislane and D Smith 33 points

Closest to the other hole: P Bisset #12

Twos: C Daysh and P Bisset both on #18

Winner of Shamus: M Bollard

Thursday 18th March – Hibberd Trophy, Stableford

1st I Fraser 36 points

2nd J Delehanty 36 points

3rd S Huddleston 34 points

Thursday 25th March – Hibberd Trophy, Stableford

1st M Thomson 42 points

2nd P Johns 40 points

3rd I Fraser 37 points

4th C Stevens 36 points

Saturday 20th March – Medal – Byrne Cup Rd 1

1st I Fraser 67 nett

2nd T Kerins 67 nett

3rd A Devonshire 69 nett

4th T Lozell 70 nett

5th J Delehanty 72 nett

6th D Pierey 72 nett

Closest to Pin: #9 T Kerins, #12 J Delehanty

Twos: There were none.

Tuesday 23rd March – LGU Gold, Home Links

1st M Alding 63 nett

2nd= M Brislane, R Squires & N Mabey 69 nett

5th= D Henricksen & P Bisset 70 nett

Medal and Button winner: M Alding 63 nett and 46 points – WELL DONE

Accuracy: D Henricksen

Twos: C Daysh (14)

Home Links results: Aotearoa Cup and Vet’s Cup: M Alding 63 nett

Coronation Medal: D Henricksen 70 nett

Best Gross: P Bisset & D Henricksen 82

Friday 26th March – TWILIGHT final results for 2021

Team Results:

1st The Smith Family 410 points

2nd Miffs Mob 400 points

3rd Mangamaire School Old Boys 396 points

Best Overall Lady: Dawn Smith 139 points

Best Overall Man: Jacob Smith 147 points.

A special thanks to Steven McHardy for running the Twilight season – well done, Steven, very much appreciated by all who played this season.

Saturday 27th March – Watson Cup Rd1 - Par

1st R Stewart 3 up

2nd J Delehanty 1 up

3rd K P Bourke 1 up

4th S Huddleston square by lot from R Fryer

Closest to Pin: #9 I Fraser, #12 KP Bourke

Twos: There were none recorded.

Sunday 28th March – TC Day visit from SWWMC, 19 in the field 6 of which were from TC, so not so great from the locals


1st E Traill 43 points

2nd K Pierey 37 points

3rd= N Craig, G Smith and P Drysdale 36 points

6th= S Hawkins, C Larsen and N Pearson 33 points

9th= J O’Connor and D Wills 29 points

11th= R Cohen and J Harris 28 points

13th G Hutchby 26 points

14th W Rohe 25 points


1st P Bisset 34 points

2nd= J Brooking and M Drysdale 32 points

4th V Bain 27 points

5th W Wills 22 points

Twos: J Brooking, N Craig and P Drysdale

Tuesday 30th March – Trethella Rd1 – Par

1st R Squires 4 up

2nd M Brislane 3 up

3rd D Power 2 up

4th C Daysh 1 up

5th D Smith square

Longest Putt #18: M Brislane

Twos: M Brislane




Posted: Tuesday 30 March 2021