PGC Newsletter 27.09.2020

COVID-19 UPDATEYAHOO! Back to Alert Level 1 and golf as usual.

Basically the rules are:

Stay home if you’re sick

If you have symptoms get a test

Maintain good hygiene

Keep track of where you’ve been and who you've seen

Wear face coverings when travelling into, out of or through Auckland on public transport 


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING DATE CHANGE: It has been necessary to bring our AGM forward by 1 week to Wednesday 18th November – please make a note of that in your calendar. Thank you.

NEW MEMBER – welcome to Paul Fabian who has recently joined the club. Be sure to say hi to him if you see him out at golf – or at his work.

JERSEY AND VEST ORDERS: Pam asked me to inform those who ordered either a jersey or a vest that the order will be arriving in Levin at the end of the week then sent on to Palmy for the logo embroidery. So there’s light at the end of the tunnel, thanks for your patience.

YELLOW TEE TOURNAMENT: Postponed until October 10th.

DANNY LEE – Nice to see that Danny has apologised for his behaviour at the US Open at the weekend. Have a look at this video showing his 6-putt on the 18th in round 3. Click. here.




Bronze 2 Ladies

Dawn Smith conceded the match due to injury - winner Denise Galvin


Firewood – Thanks have been extended to the wood-splitting team Ivan, Stu, Paddy and Gerald along with Duey and Miff also Jason and Steve for their assistance.

Thanks – Stu for water blasting the alleyway, Tony Lozell for bird-proofing in that area, and to Kieran Pierey who did a great job with the Marquis Shield organisation.

Course Report September 2020 from Jason: “There is still some disease present, (mainly fusarium) showing as dry patches on some greens, which is in check and being monitored. This is as a result of not being able to do any renovations in March/April because of lockdown. The greens haven’t been able to breathe, though they have been sliced a couple of times.

Renovations have begun with about 8 greens so far been mole ploughed for drainage. While the greens are open, gypsum granules will be added to boost the low Calcium levels followed by Wetasoil treatment to help them hold the water in summer and try and avoid dry patches which tend to come back as moss later on. After settling for a couple of weeks the greens will be verti-drained using fine needle tines on the coring machine followed by a couple of light sandings and seeding.

For the last couple of weeks we have been mowing what we can when we can due to weather.

Also spraying (fertiliser, fungicide and pest) is being made difficult by the weather”.

Dam at #12 – Investigations are to go ahead looking into a possible damming of the creek in the area by Poplars. The long-term project could help with our water problems in summer as well as providing a suitable environment for wildlife. Stress – only preliminary investigations are being done. This has come after a suggestion by a member.

Relief from the Poplars on #12 – The meeting was asked what the ruling is about relief if a player is in the area under the poplar trees on #12. There is no relief for a player who is caught up in the tree roots or suckers in or under those trees, you must play the lie. If you decide your ball is unplayable, you can take penalty relief under Rule 19. The only relief available in the area is if you are on the mown fairway.

Constitution – we are to look at the constitution with a view to updating it in time for the AGM

Water monitoring: Horizonswe have been notified by Horizons that they will be installing telemetry gear to monitor our water usage. This will also involve the purchase of a new flow meter to send the appropriate signals to their telemetry gear. When the river gets to a reading of 1.301 cubic meters per second, we cannot draw water. This means that we need more storage to ensure that we can continue to water the greens in summer when we can no longer draw water – we would need at least 18 days’ supply via tanks. We were granted $1500 from Pahiatua on Track Discretionary Fund for a new flow meter in place of the present one. Ideally, we would like to have this system in place by November/December this year. We are to apply for grant money for a tank.

Course bookings - we have lots of groups booked to come and play at the course throughout October and November. The bookings are ably looked after by Pam Bisset who also takes cart bookings.


Thursday 17th Sept – Stableford



Saturday 19th September – Stableford minus Putts

1st T Kerins +12

2nd M Hemopo +2

3rd M Field 0

Closest to Pin: T Kerins (9) M Hemopo (12)

Twos: M Hemopo (9)

Jackpot hole #14, not struck.

Tuesday 21st September – Stableford minus Putts

1st= M Drysdale and S Ashton +5

3rd P Bisset +4

4th C Daysh +1

5th D Smith -4

6th= L Wheeler and T Cuttance -5

Drawn Twos: P Abbot, P Huddleston, M McAvoy and D Smith

Accuracy – CTP (9): M Brislane


Thursday 24th Sept – Stableford

8 members played 9 holes – I’m not sure if there was a competition.

I will report results next week if there was one.


Saturday 19th September – Stableford

1st P Huddleston 37 points

2nd L Toheriri 35 points

3rd D Webb 33 points

4th R Stewart 33 points

5th R Fryer 33 points

6th N Squires 32 points

7th J Delehanty 32 points

8th D Campbell 32 points by lot from I Chambers.

Closest to Pin: T Kerins (9) D Webb (12)

Twos: D Webb #12, I Fraser #9

Jackpot: #9 – STRUCK by Ivan $168 in the pot – Well done Ivan, I wonder who drew the number out?

Saturday 19th September – TC DAY Stableford

Sponsored by Tony and Rachel Lozell.

Competition brought forward a day due to foul weather forecast.

1st P Huddleston 37 points – well done

2nd R Stewart 33 points

3rd S Huddleston 31 points by lot from D Pierey, P Drysdale and M Thomson

Closest to Pin: M Thomson


Whakatauki o te wiki – Proverb of the week

Kia mau ki te tokanga nui a oho – There is no place like home


Posted: Sunday 27 September 2020