PGC Newsletter 05.08.2020

MEMBERSHIP CARDS – can you please uplift yours from the notice board in the men’s room.

 LOST CLUB – Nigel wants to say thank you to whoever handed in his lost golf club, by the look of his score on Saturday I don’t know if he really needed it!

 CHIPMUNKS – many thanks to those members (and staff) who have been busy splitting, chopping and moving the firewood safely out of sight. It is most appreciated, thank you guys for all the hard work and time you put into supporting this huge effort for future fundraising.


Saturday 22nd August – please arrange your first round match of Betty Gunn fourball. It would be good if you could play on this day if you are not otherwise engaged in playing a championship match. This is also TC Day and AGM. Sponsors Last of the Summer Wine.

Saturday 29th August – along with District Challenge, PGA Decanters will be played, not on Sunday 30th as set down (due to Marquis Shield). Decanters is mixed combined stableford, arrange own partners. You can play in the competition of the day if you wish.


Saturday 30th August – Marquis Shield final round, vs Martinborough at Masterton. Eagles Day at Foxton.


Saturday 19th September - Mid-Winter Christmas Tournament that was scheduled for Saturday 15th August has been changed to a Yellow Tee Spring Fling fun day tournament that will be played on Saturday September 19th - lock it in! Sponsored by PO Hotel, $25 entry fee includes BBQ meal after play. 2s will be an extra $2. We will be having approach and accuracy prizes. It’s election day, but you can vote at the Mangatainoka School if you forget to do so before going to golf.

Thursday 30th July – Stableford

1st G Smith 37 points

2nd I Fraser 35 points

3rd L Toheriri 35 points

4th N Pearson 34 points



Saturday 1st August – Stableford

1st N Pearson 38 points

2nd T Lozell 37 points

3rd C Wallace 35 points

4th P Johns 34 points

5th L Toheriri 34 points

6th R Stewart 33 points

7th P Timmins 33 points by lot from N Coombe

Closest to Pins: #9 N Coombe, #12 M Hemopo

Jackpot: not struck (no twos recorded anyway).

Saturday 1st and Tuesday 4th August – Olsen Cup Round 3 - Stableford

1st P Huddleston 38 points VERY GOOD SCORE, PAM!

2nd B Smith 35 points

3rd P Bisset 34 points

4th M McAvoy 33 points

5th= S Ashton, D Smith and S Ross 31 points (Welcome back, Seona).

Twos: D Small #12, and S Ross & M Drysdale who, playing a match halved the hole with birdies on #9! Great effort.

Accuracy: Longest putt #18 – D Small


“If there’s a golf course in Heaven, I hope it’s like Augusta National.  I just don’t want an early tee time”.  Gary Player END

Posted: Thursday 6 August 2020