PGC Newsletter 23.07.2020


  • CORRECTION – In last week’s newsletter, I wrongly attributed the winner of Saturday 4th July medal round to Mark Field – it should have been MARK HEMOPO – Sorry about that, thanks for letting me know.

Thursday 16th July – Stableford

1st P Johns 39 points

2nd I Fraser 33 points



Saturday 18th July – Par

1st R Stewart, square

2nd T Kerins, square

3rd P Timmins 3 down

4th J Cuttance 4 down

5th R Fryer 4 down

Closest to Pins: #9 J Cuttance, #12 C Wallace

Twos: P Timmins #14, C Wallace #12, R Stewart #9

Jackpot it doesn’t appear to have been struck

Saturday 18th July and Tuesday 21st July – LGU Silver, 4th Qualifying and 4th MBM

1st M Wheeler 75 nett

2nd L Cotton 76 nett

3rd P Huddleston 78 nett

4th= P Bisset and T Cuttance 79 nett

Drawn Twos: C Daysh, D Smith and M Bollard

Accuracy: Longest Putt #12 – T Cuttance

Silver Medal and Stableford Button winner: M Wheeler 75 nett and 34 stableford points.


The draws for Day and Carthew Cups and Fourball Championship will be done next week. These matches will need to be played by the end of October.

Tony will put lift clean and drop in place in the rough from this week – check the local rules board

The priority in matches is your Championships – remember All Finals Day is set down for Saturday 5th September, reserve day Sunday 6th.

COMING UP - Saturday 25th Stableford 12.15, Saturday 1st August – Stableford 12.15

Golf Rules
There are lots of misconceptions around about the rules of golf. One of our Marquis Shield players has told me of some incorrect rulings that have been pulled on him by opponents thinking they know it all. One instance was that our player was told he had to take a 2-shot penalty because he picked the ball up from the hole when it was wedged against the flagstick. It does not have to touch the bottom of the cup. Rule13.2c Ball Resting Against Flagstick in Hole states - if any part of the ball is in the hole below the surface of the putting green, the ball is treated as holed even if the entire ball is not below the surface.

Further to this – you cannot get a 2-shot penalty in matchplay, any penalty that results in being penalised by 2 strokes is loss of hole (general penalty). The 2-shot penalty can only be applied in strokeplay.

With this newsletter, I have attached a document showing the main rule changes from the 2019 rules revamp as a reminder. It’s 5 pages long, so you may not want to print it.


  • Course Report July 2020 from Jason: “I am happy with the greens at the moment with a few disease patches on 3 or 4 greens which we have under control for now. We will continue to slice the greens as necessary. Fertilizer and a contact fungicide were applied a month ago and are due again now. Spraying is now done in a rectangle shape so the immediate surrounds are also treated and this is helping them too.

Some fairways and parts of the first rough and wet patches have also been sliced with good results. There is some porina caterpillar activity but we are aware of this and are monitoring. There are some muddy patches around as we sprayed earlier and also worm casts are around again.

Moss on the greens will be spot sprayed leading up to coring renovations. There will be bare patches which will be sanded and reseeded as we go. Moss on the tees will be dethatched and reseeded and any moss regrowth will be sprayed.”

  • Fence at #17 – this is progressing. 4 screens of netting are to be cut by Pahiatua Upholstery at a very competitive price. They will also be asked to price a revamp of the practice nets. We need to hire a digger to remove the stumps on the boundary with our neighbours.
  • Pulp wood that was removed is to be cut up and sold for club funds next season.
  • A rope fence is to be erected in the car park where the griselinia hedge died. A couple of trees will be planted to test whether the area is toxic and likely to kill other trees, before any replanting.
  • Subject to a successful demonstration, we are going to purchase a Trimax rotary fairway mower from Norwoods. A 3-year term financial arrangement is to be put in place.
  • Repairs to the cartshed have been completed.
  • We are able to apply for wage exemption subsidy due to less income over the affected period.
  • Firewood too wet to sell at the moment – we will have plenty next year.
  • There will be no Mid-Winter Christmas tournament this year – we will have a Spring Tournament on Saturday 19th September instead.
  • Marquis Shield – the team has recorded two big wins. Last round is on Sunday 30th August.
  • Lists are up for entry into Betty Gunn mixed fourball.
  • Dirty Dozen is to hold their 40-year reunion on 24th October.
  • Tararua Open (aka Caravanners tournament) will be held over Waitangi Weekend in 2021.
  • Fences removed for tree-felling are to be put back up.
  • The batteries will need to be replaced on the blue club cart soon. Chargers are working well.
  • There are still issues with the bar till.
  • We have received $4000 so far from Fowler Homes, result of houses built by them in our area. Latest $1000 to be used for sponsorship of Christmas Cheer.
  • Training for coaches is to start next week. Tony will be in touch with those who have put their names forward.

“You swing your best when you have the fewest things to think about.” Bobby Jones


Posted: Thursday 23 July 2020