COVID-19 Alert Level 2 - Rules for Playing Golf

From Thursday 14th May:

The course and changing rooms will be open - no tee bookings required from tonight. Sanitising spray will be available in the changing rooms, please use as appropriate.


1. Sign the contact book.

2. Wash your hands before commencing.

3. Collect a score card - fill in and complete your own card - DO NOT SWAP.

4. After verbal agreement about your scores with your playing partner, place the card in the usual place for entering into Dot Golf.


1. Maintain social distancing throughout your round.

2. Do NOT  remove the flag stick.

3. Putts under 30cm (1 foot) are gimmees.

4. Bunker rakes are available, or you can take 15cm free relief within the bunker (smooth sand first).

5. Drinking fountains are closed.

6. Wash your hands after play.

 From Thursday 21st May: 

Competitions will re-commence.

Bar and clubrooms will re-open. I will provide you with more information after the committee meeting on Saturday.

Posted: Thursday 28 May 2020