COVID-19 Alert Level 2 - Rules for the Bar


From Thursday 21st May, we will be able to go upstairs and drink in the Bar. Below are the rules that are in place for all members and visitors whilst upstairs. They may be revised as and when required. We appreciate your continued co-operation during COVID-19.

After play

  • Wash your hands, always observing social distancing.
  • After agreeing to your score with your playing partner, put your card in the usual slot in the changing rooms. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CARD UPSTAIRS.
  • Report your score / twos to whoever is running the haggle of the day.

Paying for your haggle

  • No money is to be paid at this time, you will have a tab.
  • Make sure it is clear in the comp book what you should be paying for (haggle, twos, jackpot).
  • You will receive a tab account monthly for what you owe (this process is yet to be confirmed).
  • The tab can be paid at the downstairs EFTPOS or cash can be paid through the green fee slot. Make sure you identify who you are and how much you have paid.
  • Cart hire should be paid daily either at the EFTPOS downstairs or cash through the green fee slot. Make sure you identify yourself as the payer.

At the Bar

  • This is simple, we will be operating under the 3 Ss.
  • Single serve – you can only get your own drink. If you want to shout someone, pay in advance at the bar. Stand back by the strip that separates carpet from lino until you can safely approach the bar one at a time for your drink. Keep your distance, do not gather at the bar.
  • Payment can be made by cash or by EFTPOS. Hand sanitiser is available at the bar.
  • Seated – you must sit with your playing group at one of the round tables. There is sanitising spray available upstairs for your use on hard surfaces.
  • Separate – you must be at least 1 metre away from all other groups. Do not join another table.


Thank you,

The Committee.

Posted: Wednesday 27 May 2020