PGC Newsletter 04.04.2020

COVID-19 FROM NZ GOLF – 30.03.2020: Key Update
“Until formal advice to the contrary is received, we recommend that no maintenance of golf facilities is undertaken during the shutdown period. New Zealand Golf continues to work with Sport NZ and MBIE to gain an exemption for critical turf maintenance at golf courses. A decision on this matter has not been made as yet however a resolution is expected in the coming days.”

 You may have seen the item on TVNZ1 news last night, we are hopeful that it will spur some action, we know it is imperative that we are allowed to work on the greens, but everyone is in the same boat, or should be. All allowed to, or all prohibited.


(Change your clocks tonight before going to bed)



OK all, when we eventually get back to golf you will find a big difference in how your handicap index is calculated. There will be new handicap charts for each of our courses – White Men’s and Women’s, Yellow Men’s and Women’s and 9 holes.

I have attached the latest (and last handicap sheet for you to see what you would have been playing on if golf was being played). It is unlikely that I will be printing them in the future due to the way your index will change each time after you play and the card is entered.

With this in mind, I urge you to use this time to try to set up My Golf from NZ Golf on your PC, tablet, ipad or smart phone. If you do not have a smartphone, you can still text your club ID to 3673 (FORE) on your mobile to get your current index. There is a cost, so if you are on top up, probably not a good idea to do multiple texts at one time, get others to do their own.

 For all details on World Handicap System, go to There are some great videos in there and some links for you to read up on what changes are happening and what it means for you.


TO GET INDEX VIA TEXTSend to recipient: 3673

Enter message: (your ID eg) 3143166



This information comes back pretty quickly and your current handicap index displays, that’s what you will play on that day. Here’s an example: 


If you are already on MY GOLF, enter your MEMBER ID (7 digits) and your PASSWORD, press LOGIN or enter and you will be taken through to your Dashboard, with all your details.

If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password? On the next screen you will need to enter your member ID or email address and the code you see.

A link is sent to your email from DotGolf to change the password.

Click Reset Password Here and enter a new password, confirm the password, then press SUBMIT. Your password is successfully changed, click on GO TO MY GOLF to log in with new password.

I have added your email addresses to DotGolf, but if the email you use is not the same you will not receive the email. I can change it for you, let me know OR try using your email address to log in rather than your member ID. That might work.


If you don’t have MY GOLF you need to register, click REGISTER NOW (see above). In the next screen, you will be asked if you are currently a member of a golf club in New Zealand. Click YES.

You will be taken to this screen – follow the prompts to enter your Member ID (again 7 digits), and Surname, Then you need to enter the code that is displayed underneath, in this case 398978, then click on the box accepting the terms and conditions – you can click on the dark blue words to read those. Then click REGISTER. You will get a message that an email with further instructions has been sent. Here they say if the email is incorrect contact Pahiatua Golf Club.

Please note, if you have previously signed up for MY GOLF, you will get a message that says “you appear to have registered already, did you forget your password?”. In that case, see above instructions for resetting your password.



You will receive an email from DotGolf Mailer with a link for you to verify the email address. Click on the link in the email. Here you set your password, confirm your password again then press FINISH REGISTRATION. You will be taken through to your Dashboard and will be able to scroll down to have a look at your details. You can access this on your PC, tablet, phone or you can download the NZ Golf app onto your mobile.



It is not necessary to do this as you could Google and go through to MY GOLF and check your current index. If you do decide to add the app to your phone and don’t like it you can

This is what my Dashboard on the app comes up like (this is an old avatar!):

In My Golf, you can add friends so you can see their index and scores as well.

always uninstall it later. Some people don’t like it.

Depending on your phone type, go to either:

Once installed, a shortcut will be created. DO NOT CLICK ON OPEN IN THE INSTALL SECTION AS ITHANGS”. Back out to your home screen, open the icon and add your Member ID and Password to sign in. You will only need to do that the first time you log in.


This NZ Golf icon will be on your phone.

Click on it anytime to check your index.



Give it a go, please. If you have any problems or want some help, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

It is really important that you be able to find your handicap index every day before you play. Thanks.

Posted: Thursday 16 April 2020