PGC Newsletter 20.01.2020

Under Alert Level 2 we will resume golf at Pahiatua from Thursday 21st May including the Bar.

1.     ALL visitors to Pahiatua Golf Club must sign the contract tracing book on the shelf by the green fee slot. Preferably using your own pen.

2.     There is hand sanitiser available at the sign in book and cart shed, please use.

3.     Please wash your hands before and after play.

Notices for how we need to conduct ourselves both on the course and in the clubhouse are posted at the clubhouse and on Facebook.

Thank you for your co-operation. Please respect that we are doing all we can to keep our golfing community safe.


An almost record field for this year’s 17th annual Bush Classic. Two late defections from the original 128 players saw 126 players turn out for the Saturday first round at Pahiatua and the Sunday second round in Eketahuna. 33 clubs were represented.  The tournament was again sponsored by Trust House and Post Office Hotel, Pahiatua. Ties were decided by countback. The full prize list is:


1st Christy Biddle (Eketahuna) 83 points, 2nd John Duffy (Eketahuna) 79, 3rd Joby Stella (Hawkestone) 79, 4th Murray Thompson (Eketahuna) 78, 5th Craig Stevens (Pahiatua) 77, 6th Tony Capes (Eketahuna) 76, 7th Ian Gardner (Linton Camp) 76, 8th Tai Ruaporo (Judgeford) 76, 9th Glenn Stanton (Hawkestone) 75, 10th Hamish Anderson (Eketahuna) 74, 11th Bryan Talbot (Royal Wellington) 74, 12th Graham Gardner (Eketahuna) 73, 13th Gordon Martin (Kapiti) 73, 14th Graeme Stephens (Rangitikei) 73, 15th John Warner (Martinborough) 73, 16th Peter Bourke (Pahiatua) 72, 17th Brett MacDougall (Pahiatua) 72, 18th Colin Wallace (Pahiatua) 72, 19th Rob Lopez (Martinborough) 71, 20th Kevin Bowick (Whitford Park) 70, 21st Darryl Bradford (Titahi) 70, 22nd Graham Irvine (Linton Camp) 69.


1st Joan Smith (Eketahuna) 81, 2nd Margaret Chapple (Eketahuna) 78, 3rd Cindy Braddick (Eketahuna) 74, 4th Eva Heinrich (Manawatu) 74, 5th Lynne Sutherland (Eketahuna) 74, 6th Vivien Jones (Linton Camp) 74, 7th Vicki King (Eketahuna) 73, 8th Shireen Harold (Palmerston North) 72, 9th Francie Duffy (Eketahuna) 72, 10th Janice Duffy (Eketahuna) 70

ACCURACIES - Saturday:

Closest to the Pin

Junior Men – Selwyn Joyce, Junior Ladies – Adrienne Marwick, Senior Men – Kylie Russell, Senior Ladies – Colleen Daysh, All In – Shireen Harold

Longest Drives:

Junior Men – Brett MacDougall, Junior Ladies – Julie Warner, Senior Men – Reuben MacNamara, Senior Ladies – Vonese Walker


Michael Bourke, Al-Lek White, Murray Wolland, Pire Wehi, Sheldon McNamara, Kyle Russell, Lisa Cotton, Shireen Harold, Selwyn Joyce, Raymond Ngan


Closest to the Pin

Junior Men – Jim de La Haye, Junior Ladies – Julie Warner, Senior Men – Joby Stella, Senior Ladies – Lynne Sutherland, All In – Julie Warner. Longest Putt – Dan Scotson

Longest Drives:

Junior Men – Jansen Maxwell, Junior Ladies – Ruby Joyce, Senior Men – David Hurrell,  Senior Ladies – Lindy Wheeler


Julie Warner, Mick Anderson, Christy Biddle, Peter Bourke, Sheldon McNamara, Jeff Ogg, Tai Ruaporo, Mark Field, Dan Scotson, Craig Stevens, Murray Thompson, David Hurrell, Colin Whibley-Smith, Alex Jones

Daily Prizes:

Saturday: Men – Joby Stella (43), Ladies – Joan Smith (43)

Sunday: Men – Christy Biddle (45), Ladies – Margaret Chapple (40)


Saturday 28th December  (Stableford)

1st N Squires 47 points

2nd M Galvin 46 points

3rd G Thomas 45 points (Titahi)

4th D Campbell 41 points

There were no twos.


Thursday  2nd January – ATs Pot (Stableford)

1st M Galvin 44 points

2nd N Squires 41 points

3rd KP Bourke 41 points

4th D Campbell 41 points


Saturday 4th January – Stableford

1st KP Bourke 48 points!!!!!

2nd N Squires 45 points

3rd A Devonshire 45 points

4th D Campbell 42 points

Twos: N Squires (9), P Johns (7) – well done Peter, holing out on Lagoon.

The jackpot was not struck

Thursday  9th January – ATs Pot (Stableford)

1st B Doherty 50 points YES!

2nd N Squires 42 points

3rd N Pearson 41 points

4th A Devonshire 41 points

5th S Huddleston 40 points

6th K Inder (Eke) 39 points

7th J Delehanty 39 points

Thursday  16th January – ATs Pot (Stableford)

1st N Pearson 42 points

2nd I Fraser 42 points

3rd N Squires 40 points

Saturday 18th January – Stableford

1st T Hall 44 points

2nd N Pearson 44 points

3rd I Fraser 43 points

Twos: N Pearson (4)

The jackpot was not struck.

Posted: Tuesday 21 January 2020