PGC Newsletter 11.09.2019


Thursday, 12th September – Club haggle - Stableford 12.15pm

Saturday, 14th September – Medal and Vet’s Trophy, Ladies stableford, matches

Sunday, 15th September – Stableford 12.15pm

Tuesday, 17th September - stableford, matches


Tuesday 4th September – LGU Silver Medal & Stableford Button

1st S Ashton 72 nett

2nd= D Galvin and C Daysh 75 nett

4th= S Ross and P Bisset 76 nett

6th= P Huddleston, P Abbot, K Ball and L Wheeler 77 nett

Twos: P BIsset (9), G Sorensen (14)

Longest Putt (18): M Brislane

LGU Medal & Stableford winner: S Ashton, 72 nett and 37 points

Thursday 5th September – Club Haggle (Stableford)

1st J Delehanty 36 points

2nd N Squires 35 points

3rd A Devonshire 34 points

Saturday 7th September - Stableford

1st M Galvin 37 points

2nd T Lozell 35 points

3rd K Pierey 34 points

4th J Delehanty 34 points

5th N Pearson 33 points

Closest to Pin: M Galvin for both 9 and 12. Well done, Mike.

Twos: N Pearson (18). Jackpot hole #14, not struck.

Sunday 8th September – South Wairarapa Workingmen’s Club Golf Adjunct visit with TC Adjunct:

Ladies:1st C Daysh 36 points (on countback), 2nd K Ball 36, 3rd V Bain 34 points (on countback), 4th P Huddleston 34, 5th G Martin 33, 6th D Galvin 31 points

Men: 1st R Stewart 37 points, 2nd L Evans 36, 3rd S Huddleston 35, 4th T Barnard 34, 5th G Hilston 33 points (on countback), 6th G Hutchby 33, 7th N Bain 32 (on countback), 8th D Wills 32, 9th N Craig 32.

Twos: R Stewart (12), V Bain (14)

Longest Putt (18): Ladies: Gay Martin, Men: Greg Martin.


Rule 12 - Bunkers:

Lisa asked me to pass on a ruling that occurred during her rep match when her opponent inadvertently touched the sand in a bunker with her club while removing the rake (a movable obstruction). The player was not penalised as this did not improve the conditions affecting the stroke.

Rule 12.2a “Removing Loose Impediments and Movable Obstructions - Before playing a ball in a bunker, a player may remove loose impediments (R15.1) or movable obstructions (Rule 15.2). This includes any reasonable touching or movement of the sand in the bunker that happens while doing so”.

Rule 12.2b states that a player must not “Touch the sand in the bunker with a club – in the area right in front or right behind the ball (except as allowed under Rule 7.1a in fairly searching for a ball or under Rule 12.2a in removing a loose impediment or movable obstruction).


Posted: Wednesday 11 September 2019