PGC Newsletter 26.08.2019


Thursday, 29th August – Club haggle - Stableford 12.15pm

Saturday, 31st August – Bourke Cup Rd 3 (Stableford), Ladies LGU Silver medal and stableford button


Tuesday, 3rd September, LGU Silver medal and stableford button


Due to the crap weather we have been dealt with the last week, the ladies’ have had to postpone their foursomes tournament which was originally set down for Thursday 22nd, then moved to Monday 26th in the hope that play would be possible. The forecast was pretty dire, so the decision was made to call it off until there is some better weather. It is hoped the tournament will be rescheduled in September.


We welcome Lee Thomson to the club. Lee was a member as a junior some years ago. Say Hi when you see him around the course.

 LATEST RESULTS – there was no club golf on Tuesday 13th, Thursday 15th, Saturday 17th or Sunday 18th. Nor Sunday 25th

Thursday 15th  August  – Club Haggle, Stableford

1st G Smith 35 points

2nd I Fraser 34 points

3rd T Lozell 34 points

4th D Campbell 33 points

5th P Galvin 33 points



Tuesday 20th August – Olsen Cup - Stableford

1st K Ball 37 points

2nd C Daysh 36 points

3rd= D Power and D Smith 33 points

5th= M McAvoy and D Henricksen 32 points

Drawn Twos: C Hewitt, D Smith, D Power

Accuracy (12): D Henricksen

Saturday 24th August – Medal. Veteran’s Trophy Rd 2 ALSO District Challenge (Stableford)

1st I Fraser 71 nett

2nd C MacGibbon 73 nett

3rd J Cuttance 73 nett

4th R Stewart 74 nett

Closest to Pin: M Galvin (9), D Campbell (12)

No 2s – Jackpot now $155

District Challenge: It would appear this is now North-West vs South! Average stableford scores were North-West 33.16 and South a lowly 31.0. With a better attendance from South, who knows what the result may have been?


From Greenkeeper/Course Convenor

  • The course has held up well under the weather, the slicing done a month or two ago has aided the drainage as well as the mole ploughing done a couple of seasons ago.
  • We’ve had some soil tests taken, unfortunately we do not have the results yet.
  • Dethatching to take place early September.
  • Coring happening after All Finals Day, to be ready for the Ladies’ Champion of Champions being hosted here in November.
  • The boys also had a meeting with our local health and safety officer, always informative.
  • Daisies and spraying is overdue. We’ll try to do it between club days. Please if possible if you see the fairways being sprayed, and you are only out for a practice, try to do that on the 9 we are not on. Jason will write on the board so you will all be informed when that takes place.
  • Any complaints or suggestions about anything to do with the course please make through the course convenor, Andrew and we will try to rectify any problems.
  • Apart from that, hats off to all those who have battled away playing in this weather.

Club Captain

Action needed on unplayed matches.

We will host a Halberg Day next year – date to be decided.

Junior Eagles day Sunday 3rd November, a team has been added from Taranaki so there will be 48 players playing 3 matches in their group. We will need markers, please help if asked.

Tournament scores/World Handicap System: Tournament scores are no longer to be applied to scores due to the new World Handicap System that is to be introduced in January 2020. There are currently 6 different handicap systems throughout the world and the intention is to have a single global one. NZGolf will soon have information available via their website – I will let you know when that’s up and running. I have been told that there are “challenges” for smaller clubs! Thanks for that!

Grant application for assistance with greenkeeper’s salary being made monthly.

Grant applications under way for additional club carts and irrigation.

Pest control – a stoat trap has been purchased. We are awaiting a pre-assessment from Horizons regarding Old Man’s Beard.

Break in at cart shed - the lock on the door was damaged during a break in at the cart shed, thankfully nothing was taken. The lock has since been replaced and new keys issued. A security sensor light is to be put up at the shed.

PO Hotel 1-club trophy is to be put up somewhere upstairs in the clubhouse.

Colours on club jerseys - from now on the name “Pahiatua Golf Club” is to be in white not red embroidery on the club jerseys. (NB orders can be made through Pam Huddleston).

Annual inspection – we have passed the inspection for our building WOF.

EFTPOS machine installation at the doorway is underway – another hot point is required in the kitchen.

Compressor – the shoe cleaner compressor is leaking air and is to be fixed.

Some H&S points of interest.

Under the Fire and Emergency New Zealand (Fire Safety, Evacuation Procedures, and Evacuation Schemes) Regulations 2018, the Pahiatua Golf Club being the owner of the building (the clubhouse), must maintain the club’s approved evacuation scheme by carrying out regular trial evacuations. To comply, these must be held 6 monthly. Members are advised all soundings of the fire alarm at any time should be treated as being an actual emergency, the building should be evacuated immediately and all personnel should make their way to the car park assembly point.

Health & Safety at Work act 2015.

Under the Act, as a PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking), the Pahiatua Golf Club has the primary duty of care to ensure the health and safety of workers while they are at work in the business or undertaking, be they volunteers or otherwise.

Workers need to comply as far as they are reasonably able with the PCBU’s reasonable health and safety instructions that are given so that the PCBU can comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act or regulations.

Recently, the Whitford Golf Club was involved in an incident which is a prime example to us of what can happen under the Act and why we have to take H&S seriously. Instead of a court case the golf club was given an ‘Enforceable Undertaking’. An Enforceable Undertaking is an agreement between WorkSafe and a Duty Holder made under the Health & Safety Act 2015. It is entered into voluntarily by the Duty Holder following a breach (including an alleged breach) of the Health & Safety at Work Act and once in place is legally binding. It is an enforcement option that WorkSafe will accept in some circumstances. The costs involved to the club exceeded $70.000. 

The incident can be seen by copying this link into your web browser

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the PDF file for a complete record of the incident.

 There will soon be copies of this incident in the clubhouse for members to read.

 FINALLY: Don't play too much golf. Two rounds a day is plenty. ~ Harry Vardon.


Posted: Monday 26 August 2019