PGC Newsletter 08.08.2019


Saturday, 10th August – Bourke Cup (Stableford) – Round 2 12.15pm. Ladies - 6x6x6 – check with Club Captain about whether you should play in this competition – you need a partner.

Sunday, 11th August – Donald & Williams Salvers Foursomes – Medal Round 3 – if you have one round in, you need to play in this – get your partner. 12 noon tee off, also Stableford competition Tee off 12.15pm

Tuesday, 13th August – 6x6x6, a pairs competition

Thursday, 15th August – Club haggle - Stableford 12.15pm

A REMINDER – Ladies’ American Foursomes will be held on Thursday 22nd August, so the Thursday haggle that week will be brought forward to Wednesday 21st. Thank you, guys for your co-operation.


Tuesday 30th July – Olsen Cup Rd 2

1st T Crispin 35 points

2nd T Cuttance 32 points

3rd= Kay Ball and Colleen Daysh

Drawn Twos: T Crispin and D Power

Accuracy: D Henricksen


Thursday 1st August  – Club Haggle, Stableford

1st J Delehanty 33 points

2nd M Galvin 33 points

3rd D Percy 33 points

4th S Huddleston 33 points


Saturday 3rd August – Medal, Round 1 Veteran’s Trophy

1st N Pearson nett 70

2nd R Stewart nett 71

3rd S Huddleston nett 73

4th P Bourke nett 74

Closest to Pin (9) P Bourke, (12) S Huddleston

Twos: No 2s scored

 A COUPLE OF RULES SITUATIONS – in recent times, I have encountered or been asked about a couple of things that have happened on the course as far as rules are concerned. Here they are and the relevant rule:

 14.2b (1) - Who Must Replace Ball

Your ball must be replaced under the Rules only by you or any other person who lifted your ball or caused it to move.

If you play a ball that was replaced in a wrong way or replaced by someone not allowed to do so, you get one penalty stroke.

15.3 - Ball or Ball-Marker Helping or Interfering with Play (a) Ball on Putting Green Helping Play

Rule 15.3a applies only to a ball at rest on the putting green, not anywhere else on the course.

If a player reasonably believes that a ball on the putting green might help anyone’s play (such as by serving as a possible backstop near the hole), the player may:

  • Mark the spot of the ball and lift it under Rule 13.1b if it is his or her own ball, or if the ball belongs to another player, require the other player to mark the spot and lift the ball (see Rule 14.1).
  • The lifted ball must be replaced on its original spot (see Rule 14.2).

In stroke play only:

  • A player who is required to lift a ball may play first instead, and
  • If two or more players agree to leave a ball in place to help any player, and that player then makes a stroke with the helping ball left in place, each player who made the agreement gets the general penalty (two penalty strokes).

Source for both the rules is R&A, USGA Rules of Golf


Posted: Friday 9 August 2019