PGC Newsletter 30.07.2019


Thursday, 1st August – Club haggle - Stableford 12.15pm

Saturday, 3rd August - Medal competition and Veteran’s Trophy – Round 1 12.15pm. Ladies LGU Gold Medal and Stableford Button, MBM Rd 4 and 4th Qualifying

Sunday, 4th August – Stableford competition Tee off 12.15pm

Tuesday, 6th August – LGU Gold Medal and Stableford Button, MBM Rd 4 and 4th Qualifying

A REMINDER – Ladies’ American Foursomes will be held on Thursday 22nd August, so the Thursday haggle that week will be brought forward to Wednesday 21st. Thank you, guys for your co-operation.


Tuesday 23rd July – LGU Gold Medal and Stableford Button, MBM Rd 4 and 4th Qualifying

1st P Bisset 73 nett

2nd D Galvin 75 nett

3rd C Daysh 76 nett

4th= D Henricksen and S Ashton 77 nett

Drawn Twos: R Squires and M Drysdale

Longest Putt (18): R Squires

Winner of Gold Medal and Stableford Button: P Bisset

Thursday 25th July – Club Haggle, Stableford

1st G Smith 34 points

2nd J Delehanty 34 points

3rd D Percy 34 points

4th I Sturgess 33 points

5th A Devonshire 31 points by lot from P Johns


Saturday 27th - Par

1st R Stewart 7 up

2nd I Fraser 7 up

3rd T Hall 4 up

4th C Wallace 2 up

5th M Galvin 1 down

6th J Delehanty 2 down

Closest to Pin (9) P Johns, (12) R Webby

Twos: No 2s scored


Unfortunately, our Zones team of Campbell MacGibbon, Kieran Pierey, Steven McHardy and Richard Stewart couldn’t repeat their earlier success and went down 4 ½ - 1 ½ to Feilding in the semi-finals at Palmerston North on Sunday. Club Captain Tony Lozell thanks the players for making themselves available to represent the club.


It would be advantageous for members to fully read the Programme handbook to make sure you are aware of the conditions of play for club competitions. While summer is more relaxed, it is expected that during the season, all players adhere to the conditions as set down in the programme. These have been the rules of play for the club for many years. I include a page that you might find of interest/use to you as a male member.

You might find it useful to actually read the programme handbook in any case, they cost us money.

Draws for all competitions will be posted in the changing room and the play-by dates shown will be strictly adhered to. The Match Committee reserves the right, however, to extend play-by dates due to course closures. Players are urged to play matches at the first opportunity. Matches not played by the play-by date will result in both players being disqualified from the competition.

It is generally accepted that the player who loses the match enters the result on the sheet. However, it is also the responsibility of the winner to see that this is done. If no result is recorded by the play-by date, both players may be disqualified.

In the event of a tie in the Watson, Byrne and Bourke Cups and the Veterans’ Trophy, the Match Committee will arrange a date for those involved to play off. Players will be drawn in different groups. All other matches are to be played out. If square after the required number of holes then the match will resume from No. 1 Tee.

A disc draw is held each Saturday. Players are asked to put their disc in the appropriate bowl prior to 12.15pm. Two low and two high handicappers will be drawn for each four. The first group off No. 1 tee is required to receive the cards and entry fees at the completion of play and compile the day’s results. Players not entering the disc draw start at the back of the field and are not eligible for the day’s competition. For qualifying rounds players will be drawn in their handicap groups. Names should be recorded on the competition sheet prior to play. Failure to do so excludes the card from the competition.

The Match Committee can approve the playing of all competitions on the morning of the date set down, providing players request dispensation 24 hours beforehand. The Match Committee may also schedule an early disc draw on days when other sporting activities mean that some players prefer an early start.



Posted: Sunday 4 August 2019