PGC Newsletter 24.07.2019


Thursday – Club haggle - Stableford 12.15pm.

Saturday – Par competition 12.15pm. Ladies Olsen Cup - Stableford

Sunday – Stableford competition Tee off 12.15pm

Tuesday – Ladies Olsen Cup Stableford 10am


Tuesday 16th July



Thursday 18th July – Club Haggle, Stableford


Saturday - Stableford

1st N Pearson 33 points

2nd P Bourke 33 points

Closest to Pin (9) P Bourke, (12) N Pearson

Twos: No 2s scored

Sunday 21st July – Round 2 Donald & Williams Salvers

1st C Daysh & C Wallace 71 nett

2nd G & D Smith 73.5 nett

3rd K Ball & M Galvin


  • The air hose for cleaning shoes and wheels is up and working – please sweep the area after use
  • We have been successful in obtaining a grant that will cover the greenkeeper’s pay this month. We are able to make ongoing monthly applications for this grant. This is exciting news for us as we will be able to channel the money saved into the course and clubhouse.
  • We received a comprehensive proposal relating to the harvesting of the trees in the 4 blocks on the golf course. Since asking for this proposal to be put forward, it has been decided that it be put on hold until a more favourable time, and we will review the situation in 6 to 12 months’ time.
  • Repairs are required to fix the brakes on one of the club carts
  • Pam Bisset will be unavailable until the end of August and will not be able to take course or cart hire bookings. Colleen Daysh will be the contact until further notice.
    • The new till has yet to arrive and when it does it will be programmed with the new bar prices. Price increases are necessary to cover the bar’s costs, including heating, electricity etc. Bar takings are only healthy when there is plenty of throughput which we unfortunately don’t have at present. New prices  are included here and will take affect from 1st August 2019:

12oz beer - $4

Handle beer - $6

Jugs beer - $12

Quarts beer - $8

Stubbies (Export, Tui, 33, Citrus) - $6. All light and zero beers - $5.50

Heineken - $6.50

Glass of wine - $5.50, 750ml bottle wine - $25, Small bottles of bubbles, red and white wine - $6

Ginger beer / Lemon Lime & Bitters - $4

Single spirit - $3

Double spirit - $4.50

Peanuts and chippies - $2.50

OJ - $3.50 and $5

Coke, lemonade - $3

  • Safety and wet weather gear is or will be purchased for the staff
  • Fire evacuation drills need to be carried out 6-monthly
  • An outstanding electrical inspection is to be carried out
  • Greenkeeper reports that they have been doing slicing work to the greens and fairways to open up for drainage. This will be ongoing to get a bit more longevity out of the grass. Mowing height has been raised to encourage more growth on the fairway, this does promote more daisies to seed, but this will be dealt with by spraying. Core samples have been taken from the greens – this has not been done since 2009 and needs to be budgeted for at least every 2 years – the benefit of this is to set an accurate fertiliser programme and to form an annual budget plan. This will be part of an overall yearly budget for full renovation, disease, pests and fertiliser programme. The porina has been sprayed. Bunker on left of #14 likely to be restored, while the one on #8 is to be filled in
  • Club captain reported: Intermediates “dragging the chain” on championship matches, Mid-winter Christmas tournament poorly attended, Zones beat Palmerston North 4-2, now in semis.
  • Old man pines on #10 to be dropped in line with the fairway and split for firewood.
  • Gum tree on #14 to be looked at by an expert to see if the damaged branches can be de-limbed or if the entire tree needs to be removed
  • Driving range is to be tidied up and the net replaced as required
  • Horizons to be informed of the Old Man’s Beard which is taking over a lot of our trees
  • Post Office Hotel/Trust House sponsorship/funding. We are happy to announce that we have secured good sponsorship for 2020 - for the Bush Classic tournament, an 18-hole tournament (replacing the original 54-hole), and LVA funding.
  • We are applying for a grant to upgrade our greens sprinkler heads. END

Posted: Wednesday 24 July 2019