PGC Newsletter 22.05.2019

MARQUIS SHIELD: The team played at Mahunga on Sunday and went down 5½ to 6½ to Carterton. There is one more round when the team will play Martinborough at Carterton on Sunday 9th June.  


LADIES PENNANTS: Our Championship pennant team of Lisa and Lindy played Feilding at Feilding on Sunday. They had a half. They have only one more round to play – against Palmerston North at Marton.

Silver and District Pennant teams will play at Feilding on Monday. The Silver team of Pam Bisset, Colleen Daysh, Lindy Wheeler and Sue Ross play Manawatu while the District team of Margaret Brislane, Trish Cuttance, Margaret Drysdale and Rona Squires will play in the semis against Rangatira.


NEW WEBSITE: It’s up and running!! Check it out


NEW SCORECARDS: These have arrived and will be ready to use on Saturday. The Local Rules blackboard will be updated as well. Please check this out.


MONTHLY MEETING – snippets from the meeting:

  1. Food Control plan registration recommendation from the Council is that we don’t need to register for our food prep or distribution. All those working in kitchen need to familiarise themselves with the MPI Food Buddy publication and the signs in the kitchen need updating.
  2. It was decided when the clubhouse is hired out on a Thursday, the weekday haggle should be changed to Wednesday (this was brought about as there was a function in the clubhouse last Thursday, beginning at 5pm).
  3. There was discussion about the club carts being taken and used without proper authority. It was acknowledged that most people follow correct procedure but there are a few who don’t. It was decided that the carts must be booked through Pam Bisset and when taken, members should write it up on the green fee sheet using a green fee label and put the money, along with the label, into a plastic bag and deposit into the green fee slot. Thank you.
  4. Request from ladies for planting to be done by the number 1 tee sign was approved, suggested grasses or nandinas – grasses not favoured due to seeding.
  5. Qualifying – all eligible men members will be put into the championship draws. Handicap ranges are 0-12 (Senior), 13-18 (Intermediate), 19-24 (Junior A), 25+ (Junior B); the seeding will be on the handicaps as at 11th May. These are the only handicap ranges – you can’t elect to play in a higher grade. The idea is that players who do not wish to play should cross out their name and put their opponent through to the next round. Players will be contacted as the play-by date nears if they have not played. NOTE: The draws are up in the locker room.
  6. Campervan POP charges – We have changed the fee to $10 per vehicle per night to bring us into line with other parking places. It was decided that we would also offer $15 green fees for those staying over.

Greenkeeper’s Report (abridged):

Greetings all, winter is fast approaching, so time to pull out the jacket and beanie, and add a couple of degrees of loft to the driver! We’ve been preparing quietly, opening up a few drain holes, sussing out how the course rolls with a bit of water and any potential bog issues. The greens are recovering well from a massive spate of disease, and we will continue to do what we can to ensure we don’t get caught out so bad next spring.

Steve Cullen has signed with Primary ITO and the NZ Sports Turf Association to commence his apprenticeship at Level 3 Turf Management this year. I wish him all the very best on his journey.

Many thanks to all the volunteers again, there are so many to thank, but each and every one is doing a great job. Thank you to our Health and Safety officer Gerald, for our once a month toolbox meetings. They are really quite intriguing and have proven valuable already as that was Steve’s first assignment. When you want to help out on the course, we appreciate it, but please, please, please sign the book on the smoko room table in the greenkeeper’s shed.

Thanks all, and good golfing, will report in next month.”


Tuesday 14th May – Bingo, Bango, Bongo

1st= R Squires, L Wheeler and A Mason 20 points

4th M Brislane 19 points

Closest to Pin (12): L Wheeler

Twos: D Smith (9)



Thursday 16th May – Club Haggle, Stableford

1st N Pearson 34 points

2nd B Doherty 32 points

Saturday 11th May – Stableford minus Putts

1st K Ashwell

2nd P Timmins

3rd R Stewart

4th R Fryer

Closest to the Pin:

#12 – P Timmins, #9 – K Ashwell


Posted: Sunday 26 May 2019