PGC Newsletter 30.04.2019

LADIES PENNANTS: No play on Monday due to thunder and lightning in Palmy. The ladies were pretty happy with the postponement. We have two reserve days, so this round will be played at a later date.

Lisa and Lindy had losses playing Wanganui on Sunday on a very wet Manawatu course.

JUNIOR EVENT DAY: The club enjoyed a wonderful day for our Open Junior Day. We had 26 kids from around the region playing. 8 juniors played 18 holes, 6 played 9 holes and 12 kids played a 6-hole Ambrose. It was great to see so many happy kids on the course playing golf. After play they and their parents enjoyed a sausage sizzle provided by the club. Many thanks to the Man-Wang Junior Development officer Rhys Watkins, our junior convenor Andrew McKnight and a lovely lady visitor who helped out with the food for the kids (Helen Lyttle). It is planned to hold another junior day such at this later in the year.


Tuesday 23rd April – 4BBB - Stableford

1st= P McCool/N Mabey and Margaret Brislane/S Ashton 44 points

3rd L Cotton and V Delehanty 42 points

Longest Putt (18): M Brislane

Twos: M McAvoy (9)

Thursday 25th April – Club Haggle

1st P Johns 36 points

2nd A Devonshire 35 points

Thursday 25th April – Denny Bourke 1-Club

1st L Bourke 67 nett

2nd L Humphrey 74 nett

3rd J Brock 74 nett

4th J Cuttance 75 nett

5th M Bourke 77 nett

6th T Hislop 77 nett

7th C Bennett 77 nett

POST OFFICE HOTEL – One Club Challenge (Best Nett)

Initiated by Denny Bourke, the PO Hotel challenge is played on Anzac Day each year. It was won this year by Denny’s grandson Lindsay whose score was a great 67 nett, well ahead of the field. 


Senior Men: 1st T Kerins 42 points, countback, 2nd J O’Rourke 42 points, 3rd C MacGibbon 39 points on countback, 4th J Metcalfe 39 points, 5th K Pierey 39 points, 6th P Galvin 38 points on countback, 7th I Sturgess 38

Junior Men: 1st D Hubbard 45 points, 2nd C Wallace 42 points on countback, 3rd R Fryer 42 points, 4th D Campbell 39 points on countback, 5th T Lozell 39 points, 6th B Morrison 38 points, 7th R Jensen 37 points on countback

Women 1st L Wheeler 46 points, 2nd V King 2 points on countback, 3rd L McAlister 42 points, 4th T Cuttance 39 points on countback, 5th P Bisset 39 points, 6th K Ball 37 points on countback (Great scoring, LINDY!)

Non-Golfers 1st B Bull 40 points, 2nd H Venter 38 points, 3rd D Riley 37 points

Twos – P Galvin (9), J Metcalfe (12 & 4), N Coombe (4 & 9), B BIsset (18), C Daysh (9), P Bisset (9), L Wheeler (12)

Closest to the Pin: Junior men – D Hubbard, Junior Women – V King, Non-golfer – A Callaghan (drawn), Senior Men – T Kerins.

Accuracy – 2nd shot to the green Women – L Wheeler, Men – C Wallace, Non-golfers – H Venter

BISSET HONDA, PAHIATUA NEW WORLD TOURNAMENT: The club acknowledges the generous sponsorship of these two major businesses in town. We are extremely lucky to have them on board for the tournament. All money made is profit for the club as the sponsors provide all the food on course, prizes, a wine and cheese tasting table as well as raffle and auction items that have been donated by the sponsors or well-wishers. We appreciate their continued support. Thanks to Pam Bisset for co-ordinating with the sponsors for the prize table and generally helping the day tick along.

MARQUIS SHEILD TEAM: The guys have another outing this Sunday contesting the Shield in Martinborough. The team is not to hand at time of writing this newsletter. I will have names and results next week. GOOD LUCK, GUYS!!

WELCOME TO OUR NEW MEMBERS: The following have joined the golf club recently – Willie Frank, Keith Harris, Billy and Piata Aspinall. Make sure you make them welcome if you see them out on the course.

NEW SCORE CARDS/LOCAL RULES: A new batch of score cards has been ordered and should be here within a fortnight. The local rules have been rejigged in line with the new golf rules, and have been verified by Man-Wang Referees representative. Changes of note are – yellow peg area to become red; if you land on a teeing ground other than the hole you are playing – play the ball as it lies; tree stumps officially treated as immovable obstructions. Note that embedded ball (Rule 16), and stones in bunkers (loose impediments, Rule15) are now rules of golf. Below are our local rules (no correspondence or feedback required, thanks).

LOCAL RULES for the card

To be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf and Local Rules Board

Out of Bounds: Rule 18.2

(1) As defined by boundary fences or white markers

(2) Car park, clubhouse surrounds, roadway behind 17th green.

Penalty areas: As indicated by red stakes Rule 17.1. Treat stakes as movable obstructions Rule 15

Relief without penalty: Rule 16. Except in penalty areas a ball lying on paths, roadways, stony rough, surface drains, wheel marks or immovable stones may be dropped within one club length from nearest point of relief. A ball on or within two club lengths of the green may be moved clear of alternate holes and sprinkler heads.

Immovable obstructions: Except in penalty areas, when the condition interferes with a player’s stance or swing, there is free relief from any tree enclosures and supports, internal fences, shelter sheds, and planted trees under two club lengths in height. Treat distance markers and tree stumps as immovable obstructions Rule 16.

Ball striking overhead wires must be replayed.

LOCAL RULES for the board

15cm placing – Mark – Clean – Place own fairway

GUR – unless otherwise marked as a penalty area 

  • All wood heaps
  • New earthworks
  • Planted gardens
  • Bunkers on #8 and left of #14
  • All areas marked GUR


  • Strokeplay: #2 and #11 fairways away from the greens, chip and pitching practice adjacent 18th fairway into practice green.
  • Matchplay: Practice is permitted on the course

Ball lost or out of bounds Rule 18.2a (Page 111 in new rule book) this rule has not changed.

TEMPORARY LOCAL RULE: We have been given free relief this week from those dreaded leaves littering the course. If after searching for 3 minutes for a ball that is believed lost in leaves, drop another ball on a spot estimated to be the likely location of your ball. Remember to drop from knee-height. You’re welcome. Check the board for this rule as it will revert to business as usual as soon as possible.


Posted: Friday 10 May 2019