PGC Newsletter 05.07.2024


This Sunday we are hosting 36 players in round 3 of handicap pennants. Teeing off at 10am, our team will play from the first tee, Feilding vs Palmerston North from 5th tee and from number 10 Levin plays Foxton. The course is not closed; however, these players have absolute right of way. Don’t jump in front of where they may catch up to you.


  • Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th – Winter Cup Rd2, Stableford
  • Snday 7th – Handicap Pennant Rd3 here at home
  • Tuesday 9th – LGU Gold Medal and MBM, also catch-up for Olsen Cup Rd3 10am
  • Thursdays 11th, 18th and 25th, Club haggle 12.15. 9-hole ladies 10am (NOTE New time)
  • Saturday 13th, Sunday14th – Winter Cup Rd3 - Par
  • Saturday 13th, Sunday14th and Tuesday 16th – Matches and Shots to the Green
  • Sunday 14th – Handicap Pennant at Manawatu vs Levin
  • Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st – Winter Cup Rd4 – Net Medal
  • Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st, Tuesday 23rd – LGU Silver Medal and catch-up for Olsen Cup Rd4
  • Sunday 21st – Handicap Pennant @ Levin vs Palmerston North
  • Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th – Winter Cup Rd5 – Par
  • Saturday 27th, Sunday 28th, Tuesday 30th – Trethella (Par)
  • Sunday 28th – TC Day 11am
  • Sunday 28th – Glendinning Cup, interclub Marton


 Monday Pennant – At Rangitikei on Monday10th in the finals, our team lost to Wanganui and were placed 8th of 12 teams. Better luck next year, ladies. Nice dinner at Hill Top Restaurant afterwards.


Marquis Shield – Our team had a good win over Martinborough here at home Sunday 9th June and we were well placed going into the final round at Eketahuna on Sunday 23rd. Our team of Danny Pierey, Shane Robinson, Nigel Pearson, Jason Smith (seniors), Brett MacDougall, Mark Hemopo, Lionel Toheriri, Jason Kelly (intermediates) and juniors Peter Bourke, Mark Thomson, Sam Gordon and Graham Thomson halved their matches with Carterton. Unfortunately, this meant we didn’t get the point needed to win the trophy and were placed second in the Marquis for a second year in a row, one point behind the hosts. Hard luck guys.

 Handicap Pennant – Also on Sunday 9th June, at Palmerston North, in their first outing in this competition, our team lost 6-3 to Feilding. Then on Sunday 23rd June at Foxton, the team had a good win over the home side 6½ to 2½. Well done to Lee Thomson, Jared Brock, Shaun Smith, Jamie Smith, Colin Wallace and Jeremy Blatchford. This Sunday 7th, here at home our team of Lee, Jason Smith, Shaun, Jamie, Duey and Jeremy will play round 3 versus Manawatu. Good luck guys.


 I recently watched a programme on Sky when Irishman Padraig was one of the golfers to be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. I was really taken by his acceptance speech. You can catch it on YouTube. His story – Love the Game.

 “I love the game of golf. I love that it was never meant to be a fair game, it was always meant to be a test of skill and mental fortitude.

I love the rules, I love the etiquette, I love the competition.

Ultimately, I love the meritocracy that you’re out there on your own, nobody else decides your fate. It’s up to you to get it done.”


When you play your round in Winter Cup competitions, you will only be able to enter that particular round once. We have now created a competition for Sundays so you can print a card to match whatever the Winter Cup competition is. Eg today is Stableford, if you play tomorrow as well, you will be able to select “Stableford competition” from the kiosk to be in the haggle. Hope that makes sense.


Thursday 6th June - Stableford

1st Peter Johns 39 points

2nd Alan Bisset 36 points

3rd Chris Dryland 36 points

4th Alec Devonshire 33 points

5th Donald Campbell 33 points


Saturday 8th June – Stableford


1st Lisa Cotton 36 points

2nd Shane Robinson 35 points

3rd Jamie Smith 34 points


1st Natasha Kelly 35 points

2nd Sam Gordon 34 points

3rd Brandon Young 31 points

Closest to Pin

#9 – Andrew McKnight

#12 – Natasha


Fred Potini (18), Nigel Pearson (14)

Tuesday 11th June – Mid-Winter 12 holes foursomes – Eketahuna visit

1st Natalie Mabey & Steph Tisdall nett 44

2nd Lynne Sutherland & Seona Ashton nett 45.5

3rd Lisa Lyons & Sue Ross 46.5

4th= Lynne Huddleston & Kay Ball, Pam Huddleston & Jan Hewlett 47

Drawn Twos: Dawn, Denise Galvin

Longest Putt (18): Megan

Thursday 13th June - Stableford

1st Alan Bisset 39 points

2nd Shane Robinson 31 points

3rd Bob Algie 30 points

4th Lionel Toheriri 30 points

5th Craig Stevens 29 points by lot from Steve Cullen

Thursday 20th June - Stableford

1st Nigel Pearson 36 points

Saturday 15th June – Par

1st Grant Thurlow 1 up

2nd Darren Smith square

3rd Nigel Pearson 3 down

Closest to Pin

#9 – Darren, #12 – Grant


Darren (9) and (14)

Tuesday 18th June - LGU Silver Medal and Stableford Button

1st Seona Ashton nett 74 / 35 points

2nd Lynne Huddleston nett 75

3rd Jo Bisset nett 79

4th Pam Bisset nett 79

5th Megan Smith 80 nett on countback from Mary McAvoy

Drawn Twos: Dawn Smith, Pam B

Closest to Pin (9): Dawn

Friday 21st June – East of the Ranges (Stableford) (ABBREVIATED RESULTS)

Senior Men – 1st Jason Smith 38, 2nd Kelsey Beales 36, 3rd Richard Greaves 36, 4th Lionel Toheriri 36 pts

Junior Men – 1st and winner of the Tui Cup Grant Thurlow 39 pts, 2nd Jordan Bennett-Davies 35, 3rd Ben Pickering 35, 4th Darryl Sowry 34, 5th Peter Bourke 34, 6th Michael Treder 33

Ladies – 1st Jo Bisset 35 points, 2nd Pam Huddleston 30, 3rd Dawn Smith 29, 4th Steph Tisdall 29

Closest to the Pins - #4 – Vince Salmon, #9 – Andrew McKnight, #12 - Darryl, #14 Lee Thomson, #18 – Ben Harlow.

Twos – Todd McHardy (4), Jason Waterman (9), Darryl (12), Kevin Marr (14), Corey Huntingdon (14), Lee Thomson (14)

Thursday 27th June - Stableford

1st Bob Algie 37 points

2nd Nigel Pearson 36 points

3rd Lionel Toheriri 33 points













Saturday 29th June – Winter Cup Rd1, Nett

I don’t appear to have the results for this day.

I’ll get them for the next newsletter.

Sunday 30th June – Winter Cup Rd1, Nett

1st Peter Bourke 72 c/b

2nd Mark Hemopo 72

3rd Shane Robinson 73 nett

4th Mark Thomson 73 nett


KPB (12), Nigel Pearson (14)


Sunday 30th June – TC Day (Stableford) SPONSORED BY TOMMO’S TONIC BREWERY

1st Peter Bourke 36 points c/b

2nd Mark Hemopo 36

3rd Mark Thomson 35 points c/b

4th Tony Kerins 35 points

5th Steph Tisdall 35 points

6th Shane Robinson 35

7th Pam Bisset 33 points c/b

8th Nigel Pearson 33 points

9th Colleen Daysh 32 points c/b from 4 others.

Closest to Pin (12): KPB

Ball and Chain): Tod Hislop

New Adjunct Committee): President – Sam Gordon, Secretary – Leanne Gallichan, Treasurer – Peter Drysdale, Club Captain – Mark Tommo Thomson, Committee – Pam Bisset and Steph Tisdall. Next TC Day Sunday 28th July at 11am. Sponsor, Shane Robinson.


Posted: Saturday 6 July 2024